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Flat Metal Rolling Leveler

Flat Rolling
The sheet leveller of BOYA is not only rooted in the basic theory of material
elastic-plastic deformation but also closely follows the world's cutting-edge
technology. BOYA not only emphasizes learning from others but also insists on
independent innovation. After years of specialized research, major
breakthroughs have been made in high strength steelscale breakertension
leveler, cold-rolled sheet high-speedtension leveler, high precision aluminum
alloy tension metal leveler and multi-roll levelers in down steam finishing

Since 2005, BOYA has provided more than 700 sets of leveler series products for
many customers at home and abroad. Sheet leveller machine (dry/wet), multi-roll
leveler machine, 23-roll precision levelers, pulling-straightening multi-roll
combined leveler machine, leveler machine, etc., are veritable China's first
brand of metal leveler machine. According to the structural characteristics,
Boya's cold-rolled strip levelers can be divided into several types such as
stretch-bending levelers, multi-roll levelers, and combined levelers.

Types of Sheet Leveler Machine
Tension Leveler Unit
Tension leveler machine applies tension to strip when bending by the rolls of
smaller diameter, so as to make the strip produce elastic-plastic extension,
and realize straightening.

Precision Leveler
Multi roll leveler straightens the strip by repeatedly bending it through
alternating and rotating rollers.

Combined Type Tension Leveler
The combined leveler machine can straighten the strip through the joint action
of stretching and bending tension leveler and multi-roll leveler. It is
suitable for higher strength and thinner thickness material.

What is Metal Leveler Machine?
The so-called straightening machine sheet leveler machine is simply equipment
for straightening metal profiles, bars, pipes, wires, etc. The working
principle of this kind ofmetal forming machineis to change the straightness of
bars etc. through the straightening rollers. Generally speaking, the leveler
machine has two rows of straightening rollers, of course there are exceptions.
The two-roll leveler machine usually straightens materials of different
diameters by relying on the angle change of the two rolls. leveler machines can
be divided into pressure leveler machines, balanced roll leveler machines, shoe
roll leveler machines, rotary reverse bending leveler machines and so on.

Straightening Process of Sheet Leveler Machine

When the sheet leveler machine is working, the position of its rollers is at a
certain angle with the direction of movement of the product to be straightened.
Two or three large ones are active pressure rollers, which are driven by the
motor to rotate in the same direction. Several small rollers on the other side
are The driven pressure rollers are rotated by the friction of the rotating rod
or tube. In order to achieve the required compression of the product by the
rollers, these small rollers can be adjusted forward or backward at the same
time or respectively. Generally, the more the number of rollers, the higher the
accuracy of the product after straightening by sheet leveller. After the
product is bitten by the roller, it continuously moves in a straight line or
rotates, so that the product undergoes various deformations such as
compression,bending, and flattening, and finally achieves the purpose of

If you want to know more about coil processing lines, please visit our website.

Minimum Order: 1 long tons

Flat Metal Rolling Leveler
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