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FNIRSI 2C53P 3 IN 1 Dual Channel Touch Screen Digital Oscilloscope

FNIRSI 2C53P Touch Screen Portable Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter Signal
Generator 3in1 2 Channel 50MHz 250Ms/S 19999 Counts. FNIRSI-2C53P Touch Screen
Digital Oscilloscope + Multimeter + Signal Generator 3IN1 Dual Channel 50MHZ
Automatic Osciloscópio Tools, ADC + MCU + FPCA, Four-and-a-half-digit High-
precision, 4.3-inch High-definition Touch Screen.

1. FNIRSI-2C53P is a three-in-one dual-channel model launched by FNIRSI with
comprehensive functions and high practicality, targeting people in the
maintenance and R&D industries.
2. Word oscilloscope, this device has three major functions, oscilloscope,
multimeter and signal generator, the oscilloscope adopts FPGA + MCU + ADC
hardware architecture and has.
3. It has a sampling rate of 250MSa/s, an analog bandwidth of 50Mhz, a built-in
high-voltage protection module, and supports a maximum peak voltage measurement
of ±400V, supports waveform screenshots.
4. Save and view to facilitate secondary analysis, the multimeter function is 4
and a half digits and 19999 points of true RMS, supporting AC and DC voltage
and current measurements, capacitance, resistance.
5. With measuring functions such as diode, continuity, temperature, etc. it is
an ideal multi-functional instrument whether used by professionals, factories,
schools, enthusiasts or families.
6. Inside set up a DDS function signal generator, which can output 12 kinds of
function signals, the maximum output of the signal generator is 10MHz, with a
step of 1Hz, output frequency, amplitude, and duty cycle adjustable.
7. It uses a 4.3-inch 480*272 resolution touch display and a built-in 4000mAh
rechargeable lithium battery with a standby time of up to 4 hours, with small
size provide users with more and stronger practical functions, while also
having good portability.

Oscilloscope Parameters:
Channel: Dual Channel.
Analog Bandwidth: 50MHz.
Real-time Sample Rate: 250MSa/s.
Storage Depth: Up to 64kByte.
Input Mpedance: 1MΩ.
Time Base Range: 10ns/div-10s/div.
Vertical Sensitivity: 10mv/div-10v/div.
Vertical Resolution: 8 Bits.
Maximum Measured Voltage: ±400V.
Probe: 1x/10x.
Torage Space: 13M.
Bandwidth Limit: Support 20MHz Limit.
Trigger Mode: AUTO / Normal / Single.
Trigger Type: Rising Edge, Falling Edge.
Trigger Level Range: 8 Cells (Positive / Negative).
Waveform Display Mode: XY / YT / Scroll.
Coupling Method: AC / DC.
Measured Data: Period, Frequency, Peak-to-Peak Value, Maximum Value, Minimum
Value, Average Value, Effective Value, Amplitude, Duty Cycle, Pulse Width.

DC Voltage: 1.9999V / 19.999V / 199.99V / 1000.0V.
AC Voltage: 1.9999V / 19.999V / 199.99V / 760.0V.
DC Current: 19.999mA / 199.99mA / 1.9999A / 9.999A.
AC Current: 19.999mA / 199.99mA / 1.9999A / 9.999A.
Resistance: 19.999MΩ / 1.9999MΩ / 199.99KΩ / 19.999KΩ / 1.9999KΩ /
Capacitance: 999.9uF / 99.99uF / 9.999uF / 999.9nF/ 99.99nF / 9.999nF / 9.999mF
/ 99.99mF.
Temperature: (-55~1300℃) / (-67~2372℉).

Signal Generator:
Channel: Single Channel.
Frequency: 0-10MHz (Sine Wave: 10MHz, Other Waveforms 5MHz).
Amplitude: 0.1V-3.0V.
Square Wave Duty Cycle: 0-100%, Sawtooth Wave, Half Wave, Full Wave, Positive
Step Wave, Negative Step Wave, DC Signal, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall,
Multi-audio and Sync Pulse.

Basic Parameters:
Screen Size & Resolution: 4.3 Inch (480*272 pixels).
Screen Material: Surface Tempered GlassSurface Tempered Glass + Touch Screen
Made of Glass GLASS + IPS Color Screen.
Backlight: Backlight Brightness Can be Set.
Power Supply: TYPE-C (5V / 2A).
Battery: 4000mAh Lithium Battery.
Product Size: About 145x98x35mm.
Product Net Weight: About 360g.

Packing List:
1 x 2C53P (2CH Touchable Oscilloscope Multimeter 3in1).
2 x P6100 Probe.
1 x Multimeter Probe.
1 x Alligator Clip Probe.
1 x Data Cable.
1 x Product Manual.

Minimum Order: 1 bags

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