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Forklift AGV

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Forklift For Material Handling
Multiway Robotics, one of the top autonomous forklift companies in automated
warehouse robots markets, provides comprehensive intelligent manufacturing and
intelligent storage solutions for hardware vectors, combined with flexible
intelligent visual systems, visualized upper management systems, platform-based
cloud operation and maintenance systems.

Positioning Accuracy: primary positioning accuracy witin ±5mm, secondary
positioning accuracy within ±2mm.
Better efficiency: maximum operating speed 3m/s, efficiency is 20% -30% higher
than the average.
Higher Lifting Capacity: the high-capacity of the high-capacity industry is up
to 10M.
Narrow Aisle Usage: the narrowest aisle is only 1.8m, which can increase 30% -
40% warehouse storage space.
Stable Operation: MTBF reaches more than 720h.

Nowadays, many warehousing and logistics managers still rely on manual
forklifts to move materials and packages. Multiway will show you how unmanned
autonomous forklift robots can help companies optimize resources and improve
operational safety. As one of the top AGV autonomous forklift companies,
Multiway's AGV autonomous guided vehicles solution can turn your manual
forklift into an automated AGV forklift at a competitive AGV robot. This
platform is a market-tested, flexible and expandable software and hardware
solution. And it can be upgraded to an automatic driving unmanned forklift
while still retaining the function of manual driving. Moreover, users can
usually recover their investment automated guided vehicle costs in about 1-2
years. Multiway robotics can be your trustworthy autonomous forklift companies
partner, our auto unmanned forklifts are of high quality at a competitive AGV
forklift price. Inquiry automated guided vehicle price now.

AGV Vehicle Types

As an important tool for automated transportation and handling, AGV autonomous
intelligent guided vehicle has become more and more widely used in recent
years. According to the transfer method, common AGV vehicle types are listed
follows: Latent AGV, Backpack AGV, Forklift auto AGV, Heavy-duty AGV, Towed AGV
and box AGV.

Pallet Truck

Slim Pallet Truck
Slim Pallet Truck the main features of light-weighted pallet truck AGVs are
automation, reliability, efficiency and standardization. The automatic pallet
truck can be used in fully automated working conditions, and it can also be
used in manual warehouses with other manual forklifts or personnel.

Pallet Truck
Pallet Truck the main features of automatic pallet trucks are automation,
reliability, efficiency and standardization. The automatic pallet truck can be
used in fully automated working conditions, and it can also be used in manual
warehouses with other forklifts or personnel.

Mini King Kong
Mini King Kong Mini King Kong Pallet Truck AGV is a kind of unmanned driving
automatic handling equipment. The main function of AGV pallet mover is to
realize automatic handling according to the set line and save the cost of human

Alpha ONE
Alpha ONE Alpha One Pallet Truck AGVs, MW-α1, can take two pallets in one
trip. The work efficiency doubled. It can interface with various equipment and
flexible customization to different scenarios.


Slim Pallet Stacker MW-SL14
Slim Pallet Stacker MW-SL14Slim Pallet Stacker, MW-SL14,using laser navigation
and positioning, the payload reaches reach 2 tons, and the lifting height can
reach 5m. The larger battery capacity design extends the working time while ...

Pallet Stacker MW-L14/16
Pallet Stacker MW-L14/16Pallet Stacker MW-L14/16 is a crane device specially
used for warehouse storage and retrieval of goods. Stacker is absolutely
indispensable mechanical equipment in the automated warehouse system.

Pallet Stacker MW-L20
Pallet Stacker MW-L20Pallet Stacker MW-L20,using laser navigation and
positioning. The payload reaches reach 2 tons, and the lifting height can reach
4m. The larger battery capacity design extends the working time while r...

Reach Truck

Slim Reach Truck
Slim Reach TruckSlim Reach Truck AGV, MW-MR12/15,has the common
characteristics of counterbalanced forklift and stacker. The combination of
these two performances makes this forklift have the advantages of operational

Reach Truck
Reach TruckThe equilibrium heavy forklift and stacker are characterized by one,
the flexibility is strong, high load, and the highest lift is 10M, which
greatly saves operational space, and improves space utiliz...


Counterbal , anced Forklift
Counterbalanced ForkliftCounterbalanced Forklift AGV MW-SE08/10/12. The fork is
outside the center line of the front wheel. The main feature is that in order
to overcome the overturning moment generated by the goods, the forklift is ...

Heavy-Duty Counterbalanced Forklift
Heavy-Duty Counterbalanced ForkliftThis type of counterbalance forklift truck
is an integrated AGV with automatic navigation for intelligent warehousing and
workshop logistics solutions. It can realize the functions of automatic
assignment, automatic loading and unloading of pallets, etc.


Turret Forklift
Turret ForkliftThis VNA turret forklift AGV can be well applied to narrow
channels, with small body and flexible operation. It can operate multiple
vehicles at the same time, to achieve cross-floor cargo transport, reduce labor
costs, and improve work efficiency.

Sideloader Forklift
Sideloader ForkliftSideloader Forklift AGV MW-SF10,The main feature is that
the fork extends from the side, and has low requirements on the width of the
roadway. It can automatically operate on the road with a width of 1.9 me...

Typical Applications For Agv Navigation System

Multiway Robotics is a top intelligent agv company. As the best autonomous
forklift company, we are determined to providing the best quality agv automated
guided vehicle, including automated pallet truck, vna agv, agv stacker and agv
forklift. Want to buy agv forklift robot? Contact us and get agv robot price,
agv forklift price!

Now the automated guided vehicle price is appropriate, if you want to buy our
products, please contact us.
Forklift AGV
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