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Freeze Dried Banana

Bananas contain B vitamins, vitamin C, and potassium, which are good for pets
in small amounts.

Freeze dried banana chips, a kind of freeze dried fruit for dogs are rich in
dietary fiber, can increase the volume of feces, and promote intestinal
motility, and a lot of water-soluble plant fiber can make the feces soft and
easy to discharge. We have pet feed retail supply for customers to buy freeze
dried bananas bulk as well!

Ingredients of Freeze Dried Banana

100% Banana

Guaranteed Analysis of Freeze Dried Banana

Crude protein ≥5%

Crude fat ≥9%

Crude fiber ≤7%

Crude ash ≤4%

Moisture ≤3%

Product Features of Freeze Dried Banana

Freeze-dried banana slice is a kind of high quality pet food with large
calories and a good laxative effect.

The nutritional value of banana slice is very high.

Regular and moderate consumption can help maintain the balance of sodium and

As a reliable pet treat manufacturer, we have types of related products for
sale, if you have needs, please contact us.
Freeze Dried Banana
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