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Furan Resin Sand Production Molding Line

oundry resin sand production line

1. Belt conveyor

This conveyor is a new type designed according to the special application of
casting plant. It is mainly used

for conveying the new sand, used sand, molding sand, coat and lime stone as
well as the construction material,chemical industry and food processing for all
granular or block shape material.

2. Multi-function vibration regenerator

This regeneration machine is designed for the resin sand or silicate bonded
sand regeneration. The main

mode is vibration and friction regeneration, also the function of breaking sand
shakeout, sieving, demold.

3. Bucket elevator

This machine is a vertical transferring machine which is applied in mechanical
casting plant. It is mainly used

for elevating the used sand, waste sand, new sand, cleaning iron shot, etc.
Combined with the belt conveyor

and other devices, we can design many kind of transferring system. The features
are small external size, less

volume and higher elevation level so that the layout drawing will be compact.

4. Centrifugal regenerator

The centrifugal machine adopts the principle of dry process centrifugal
regeneration. It is mainly used for used resin sand regeneration. The used sand
will be

thrown to wearresisting lining by the high speed rotating blade. And the inert
cover on the surface of resin sand will be removed by the rub and collision
process between the sand articles, blade and box. According to the

process requirement, the process will be repeated for many times till the
target achieved.

5. air-float separator

The separator is mainly used for separating the powder from the sand of resin
sand and sodium silicate

sand. The powder should be completely removed from regenerating sand, so that
the regenerating sand may

meet the process requirement.

6. Double-arm sand mixer

The machine is applied to mix the resin sand and silicate bonded sand. The
adhesive feeding system

consisted of the gear pump, membrane pump and liquid detector so the
measurement is accurate, the mixing

period is short and the loss of first and last round sand is less. The
doublearm of machine rotates flexibly and

the available working area is large. The open type sand mixing stir cage is
advantage for cleaning or adjustingthe blade. The dust collection and deflavour
system are combined in the primary and secondary connection aswell as the
secondary outlet, in order to reduce the content of powder and binder air in
the sand. The electric

control system is PLC controlled and completely restricting protection. The
information displayed by mimic

board with reliable operation.

7. Sand temperature regulator

The main principle of sand temperature regulator: The sand is conveyed to sand
temperature regulator

from the top of sand temperature regulator and there are water pipes in the
sand temperature regulator. T

he cooling water or hot water continuously flow in the heat sink which
assembled with multilevel cooling pipes.

Hot sand or cold sand is conveyed to from the water pipes for heating exchange.
The sand will be conveyed

out when reach the set temperature.

8. Dust collector

dedust the workshop and operation equipment

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Furan Resin Sand Production Molding Line
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