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Galfan Gabions

Galfan Gabions, or Galfan Coated Gabions are steel wire mesh gabions woven or
welded, specially treated with Zn + AL coating offering an excellent corrosion
resistance. Galfan gabions have a better propety than zinc galvanized gabions
and are widely used in soil retaining, slope protection, especially for
offshore areas and long term uses.

Galfan coating has two types according to coating material ratio: one is 95%
zinc and 5% aluminum or 90% zinc and 10% aluminum coating.

GalFan + PVC Coated woven wire mesh gabions, mechanically edged/selvedged

Woven, double twisted, hexgonal shaped steel wire Mesh, (Zn90%+Al10%)+PVC
Popular mesh opening applied: 80x100mm.
One diaphragm every one meter (or at 3ft center) is positioned to divide the
gabions into cells.
This structure makes the whole gabion flexible and easy to handle.
This type of woven or knitted mesh gabion has selvedge wire and lacing wire for
reinforcement. All mesh panel edges are selvedged with a wire having a greater
diameter than the woven or knitted wire.

Galfan (95% zinc, 5% aluminum or 90% zinc 10% alum) coating and its benefits:
Galfan gabion gets its name from its wire material: a kind of heavy Galfan soft
tempered steel . Compared with traditional galvanized steel gabions with pure
zinc coating, Galfan gabion features a heavy zinc – aluminum coating layer
which enables an excellent corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of
Galfan gabion doubles that of traditional pure zinc plating.
Wire Material Requirements:
The pvc coating for Galfan Gabions can be checked below (take an example of the
80x100mm galfan gabion), from the changes of the wire diameter before and after

Knitted or woven wire: 3.7mm after PVC coating (2.7mm heavy Galfan before pvc
Selvedge wire: 4.2mm after PVC coating (3.2mm heavy Galfan before pvc coating)
Lacing wire: 3.2mm after PVC coating (2.2mm heavy Galfan before pvc coating)

Zinc plating or galvanization required for the Galfan Gabions:
Galvanization on Kitted & Lacing wire: Heavy GALFAN (ZnAL) min 245gr/m2
Galvanization on Selvedge wire: Heavy GALFAN (ZnAL) min 255gr/m2
Galfan Gabions
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