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Garment Steamer

A garment steamer is a machine that uses hot water vapor to continuously
contact the clothes to soften the fibrous tissue of the clothes. Through the
action of "pulling" and "pressing", the clothes are smooth, and the hot water
vapor has the effect of cleaning and disinfecting. This clothes steamer is used
in clothing specialty stores, hotels, homes, etc. The most important is that
this good quality clothes steamer is for sale at a very cheap price.

How to Use Garment Steamer?
The first step is to take out the clothes that need to be ironed, such as T-
shirts or dresses, and put them aside. Then put the home clothes steamer in a
suitable position, pour water into the water tank, and turn on the power.

In the second step, if you want to ensure the safety of use, you can check the
condition of the power cord before turning on the power to avoid damage to the
power cord and short circuit of the garment steamer.

The third step is to clamp the clothes with a clip, starting from the neckline,
then to the shoulders, then to the back of the clothes, and then to the front
of the clothes. Follow this process to iron with this electric clothes steamer.

In the fourth step, if there are obvious wrinkles in some parts of the clothes,
you can iron them with this electric garment steamer repeatedly until they are
flattened. Remember not to directly press the brush head directly on the
clothes. They should be separated by a certain distance.

The fifth step is to remove the ironed clothes, fold them, change to new
clothes and continue ironing, remember to tighten the clothes before ironing.

The sixth step is to cut off the power supply, pour out all the water in the
garment steamer's water tank, dry the interior with a dry cloth, and then hang
the garment steamer back to its original place.

Advantages Of Garment Steamer

Studies have shown that frequent use of flat irons can easily damage the
fabrics of clothes. Various styles of garment steamers (6 photos) are
especially true for high-end fabrics (such as hard and aging), while the use of
garment steamers is naturally suspended Ironing in the state, under the dual
action of gravity and high-temperature steam (temperature is about 98 degrees),
it can be ironed easily and maintain the best wearing shape.

Convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. The good garment steamer is very fast
and convenient. With its fast ironing effect, you can iron a piece of clothing
in just a few minutes. It is very convenient to use this good clothes steamer
either at home or during travel.

The garment steamer can iron more than 50 pieces of clothes with water at a
time, which is very practical and convenient for users who have a large demand
for ironing clothes.

When the garment steamer is ironing, the contact part with the clothes (the
part where the nozzle is exhausted) is far away from the steam source, and the
dirt generated by the high temperature of the tap water will never be sprayed
on the clothes like a flat iron, but all remain at the distance Far away in the
bottom heating furnace scale storage room.

Environmentally Friendly
Tap water vaporizes into water vapor through high temperature, and the sprayed
water vapor has a certain effect of sterilization and disinfection due to the
relatively high temperature.

Baofumei Technology is a garment steamer supplier, we provide china garment
steamer, steam press for hanging clothes, commercial grade garment steamer,
stick vacuums and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.
Garment Steamer
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