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Gasoline airbag system teaching board

1 Product parameters

Product name Gasoline airbag system teaching board
Product size 1200×700×1800mm(L×W×H)
Weight about 150kg
Power supply voltage AC220V

2.Technical specifications
(1) Product introduction
The equipment adopts Toyota Land Cruiser car airbag system in kind as the
basis, fully demonstrating the composition structure and working process of the
car airbag system.
It is suitable for the teaching needs of middle and higher vocational and
technical colleges, general education colleges and training institutions for
theoretical and maintenance practical training of automobile airbag system.
(2) Functional features
1、Real runnable automobile airbag system, fully demonstrate the composition
structure of automobile airbag system.
2、Manipulate the collision trolley, simulate the car collision process, left
and right simulation airbag rapid inflation and expansion, real demonstration
of automotive airbag system work process.
3、The panel of the test bench adopts 4mm thick corrosion-resistant, trauma-
resistant, pollution-resistant, fireproof and moisture-proof senior aluminum
plastic board, and the surface is treated by special process of spraying
primer; the panel is printed with colorful circuit diagrams that never fade,
and the surface is sprayed with varnish; the students can visually compare the
circuit diagrams and the physical objects to recognize and analyze the working
principle of the automobile airbag system.
4、The test bench panel is installed with detection terminals, which can
directly detect the electrical signals of each circuit component of the auto
airbag system on the panel, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency
signals, etc.
5、Diagnostic socket is installed on the panel of the test bench, which can be
connected with special or general-purpose auto decoder to read fault codes,
clear fault codes and other self-diagnostic functions for airbag control unit.
6、The panel of the test bench adopts 1.5mm thick aluminum alloy frame
structure with beautiful appearance; the bottom frame is welded with steel
structure, and the surface is treated with spraying technology, with self-
locking casters, which is flexible, safe, reliable and durable.
7、 The test bench work using ordinary 220V AC power supply, through the
internal circuit voltage rectification into 12V DC power supply, no battery,
reduce the trouble of charging, 12V DC power supply has anti-short circuit

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Gasoline airbag system teaching board
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