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Gibberellic acid(GA3)

Gibberellic acid(GA3) is a very potent hormone whose natural occurrence in
plants controls their development. It can help plants overcome dormancy,
promote corps germination and premature flowering,promote and speed corps
growth,prevent fruit drops, help seedless fruit growth, promote flowering for
long day plant in short time. Gibberellic acid can affect safely on stem and
root growth of fruits,vegetables and leaf corps.
Gibberellic Acid (GA3)
90% GA3 TC
CAS No:77-06-5 Molecular Formula: C19H22O6 Molecular Weight: 346.4
TC: 90% GA3
80% GA3
1.Break the dormancy of seed,tuber,bulb and other organs.
2.Accelerate maturity and increase yield.Improve fruit set and size.
3.Elongate and loosen clusters to enhance air circulation and light
penetration. 4.Stimulate plant growth and reduce effect of stress.
Crop Application time Concentration (ppm) Application method
Performance & Effect
Potato Seed handling stage
0.5-1 Seed soaking Break dormancy.
Promote sprouting.
Even degree of sprouting.
Soybean 3.5
Ginseng 20
Celery Seedling stage Growing stage 20-100 Foliar spray Increase
Green manure spinach 10-200 Foliar spray Promote growth and
increase production.
Grape Flowering stage 5-10 Dip
Extend inflorescence.
50-150 Induce seedless.
Citrus 20-50 Spray Increase set of fruits.
Rice seed 20-30 Promote heading and flowering.
Cotton 20 Foliar spray Promote flower retention and reduce the
falling of cotton balls.
Flowers 700 Daub on
Flower bud Premature flowering.
Grape Flowering stage 20-50 Dip cluster Enlarge fruit.
Pineapple 40-80 Spray Increase yield.
Rice 20-30 Increase the thousand seed weight and rice
*The above information in this publication,is,to be best of our knowledge,true
but since the conditions of use are beyond our control, the values provided are
not to be considered as a warranty.Please conduct small-scale field experiment
in prior to mass application.Or consult local agro technician for guidance。
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