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Company: Guangzhou Penghuang Packaging Co., Ltd
NO.3 Building B,West of Kejia Road,Jiahe Street,Baiyun District,Guangzhou ,China
Guangzhou 510080
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Date/Time:  11/11/20 6:38 GMT

Guangzhou Penghuang Packaging Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Penghuang Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional production of
cosmetics packaging service-oriented enterprises. Our company founded in 2005,
specializing in cosmetics, daily necessities of research and development, set
design, production, service, sales as one, is committed to providing customers
with high-quality packaging solutions. The main products are: nail polish
bottles, cosmetic bottles and jars , essential oil bottles, perfume bottles,
glass vial bottles and so on. We use the international first-class production
management system, in the domestic production of 2 tons of glass furnace 60
tons, 18 production lines, three 4 cabinet paint production line, two
automatic screen printing machine and 56 semi-automatic screen printing
machine. Annual sales more than 230 million bottles. Our products including Uv
Gel Nail Polish Bottle, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, Frosted Glass Cosmetic
Jars Wholesale, etc.

Serum bottle is composed of clear glass + anodized pump head. We adhere to the
use of glass raw materials, do not use recycled glass production. The glass
bottle material is strong and durable, environmental friendly, odorless and
safe to use. The appearance is simple and easy, the bottle body can be
transparent frosted. Unique threaded design, leakage proof, do not worry about
the contents of the bottle spill. Blue Bottle Serum is made of glass, which is
environmental friendly, non-toxic, safe and healthy, it is a safe container for
your cosmetic products. Boston round shape is a popular design. Colored glass
protects light-sensitive liquids like essential oils against UV ray. Screw
bottle mouth ensuring good sealing performance. The dropper has a black rubber
top and black color collar and glass pipette, fitting well on the bottle.

Our 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps use PET plastic, tasteless, reusable,
sanitation, in line with international standards. Transparent PET bottles allow
you to see the contents of the bottle without opening the container. The
matching accessories include clamshell, fine mist sprayer, distributor pump,
trigger and so on, which make various functional accessories meet different

The 30ml Dropper Bottle is made of black glass material, it is black color
originally from the bottom to the mouth. No need painting, and then you can get
a black bottle. It is more favorable price and shorter production time than
painting bottle. Glass is environmental friendly, non-toxic, safe and healthy,
it is a safe container for your cosmetic products. Fot this set of cosmetic
packaging Wholesale, there are bottles for lotion, and jars for cream. You can
choose the whole set, and you can also choose one size or several sizes of
them. The bottle and jar is made of glass material, environmental friendly,
non-toxic, safe and healthy. The Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle is made of pet
plastic, they are odorless, reusable. Clear PET bottle allows you to see
exactly how much soap is left in the bottle without opening container. White
PET bottle matching with white pump makes the bottle and pump more coherent and
looks very beautiful. Glass Cosmetic Jar is our top seller and the most popular
Cosmetic Jar on the market. It is composed of glass jar + water transfer bamboo
plastic cap+pad+gasket. Unique lid water transfer design, like the real bamboo,
can let customers better use environmental protection, and take care of nature.
OPal bottle is composed of glass + accessories PP, with a variety of
accessories. For example, Aluminum Dropper, Aluminum Cap, Plastic Cap, Plastic
Dropper, Pump, Spray. Oil Dropper Bottle

: The raw material of glass is white, which is favored by customers. Of course,
if other colors, such as purple or red, can also be spray-painted.

Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale are made of pet plastic, they are odorless,
reusable, hygienic and conform to international standard. These bottles are a
good choice for many skin care and clearing products, such as essential oils,
hairspray, perfumes, floral waters, air fresheners, aromatherapy, hand
sanitizer, alcohol disinfectant and more. The Amber Dropper Bottles are made of
tawny glass material and accessories. Raw materials, no need to be painted,
better prices than paint bottles and shorter production time. Glass is
environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe and healthy. It is a safe container
for your cosmetics. We also have Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale and Glass
Cosmestic Containers.

We have a professional team in the field of product development, to provide
customers with product packaging design support, custom customer exclusive
packaging, and to help customers to apply for national appearance patents.
Protect the customer's market leading position.

We set up a large warehouse logistics base in Guangzhou, 5,000 square meters of
land, often with a large number of spot inventory to ensure the customers time,
and the number of custom unrestricted.

In order to meet the one-stop customer service requirements, we offering the
cover, pump, dropper, plastic stopper and other accessories, and providing
printing, silk screen, hot stamping, electroplating, UV, polishing, frosted and
other deep processing. Customers' purchase experience has been greatly
improved, and has been well received by customers! Our business philosophy is:
honesty, intentions services, create brilliant!
Guangzhou Penghuang Packaging Co., Ltd
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