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Contact: Larry Kronebusch
Company: Aries Alliance Investnents
18462 Garden Drive
Kelowna v1Y6J4
Phone: 1236838417
E-Mail: Send Inquiry
Date/Time:  12/22/20 21:41 GMT

Gutsy Joint Partners wanted

Aries Alliance Investments is a highly skilled real estate & business
development group looking for quality interested partners to help us create
a decent amount of profits ina variety of non tech industry challenging
industry focuses.
We have designed and developed some very profit capable Furniture
Manufacturing & Retailing ventures,as well as a very attractive group of
Low Cost yet High Quality Products foe afranchise able Retailing Store, in
wisely selected Locations such as WesternCanada, Miami, Nashville
Tennessee and one Overseas Outlet in perhaps Mumbai and/ or Bahrain.
 Classyrestaurants & hotels / motels & lots more to offer those who
We operate out of Western Canada and are seeking One or Two Angel Investor
/ Venture Capital type of professional investors whowant to double their
investment funds by joint venturing with us as a gutsy smart Seed capital
Investor.Youbring the funds with a no up front fee attitude and I will
bring you theprojects thatyou can pre screen for risk free implementation.
ASA FINE GROUP of great new business ventures.I’vebeen received and
approved for investment and offered Large contracts anumber of times yet I
still seek one or two smaller Stage One Funds in a $170,000.00 usd up to
$285,000.00 usdInvestment.Soif you want the projects and the profits they
create then lets talk
No criminal funds nor scams please as ive hadenough of those and I’ve Paid
as requested a few times butive been burnt on wire transfer day so I will
only accept North American Investorswho pay the wire transfer costs andwho
can handle a highly developed Risk free Venture.Offer1 We are able to sell
you 15 to 25 % of our companies profits as a seed capitalinvestor. forbest
offer to $285,000.00 (nothing less than 170,000.00 usd will be accepted )
Offer 2 - We seek also a larger capital investorfor $8,500,000.00 up to
$12,000,000.00 usdfromthose who wish to boost their portfolios and incomes
( Here we offer angel investors a full 49 % of allmy profits for the first
3 years then 35 % fora few more years until they are 200 % investment
Or Offer 3 - you can purchase outright 24 of theworld’s most profit capable
new Startup companies for only $2,800,000.00 (which was created to form one
of the most powerful and wealthiest of globalcorporations with 25 superb
profit generating divisions.(capable of creating well over $4 - 10 Billion
over 5 - 8 years time.
We do require clear identity a no upfront feeattitude and fully transparent
no nonsense partners.Iwill respond with a professional introduction and a
Secondary Presentation asyou step forward and qualify ManyThanks 

Minimum Order: 3 cubic metres

Gutsy Joint Partners wanted
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