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Hair Curler

As a professional massager manufacturer, At TAHATH, it is not just about
profits, it is about bringing value and everyday practicality to YOU. TAHATH is
founded on the philosophy that consumers deserve better. We are a young and
dynamic company striving to bring better quality massager device and personal
care products to the masses. Continuous humanized care and attention to design
and innovation are our mantras. It provide massage shawl, eye massager machine,
car & home massage pillow and muscle massage gun,etc.

USB Rechargeable Automatic Rotating Hair Curling Iron
PTC Ceramic China Hair Curler Hot Tools Curling Iron for hair salon, small and
convenient, easy to carry.

One-button automatic curling, zero basic operation.

As one of the most professional hair curler suppliers, our smart-LCD
temperature controlled by IC, with constant temperature heating, auto rotating
curling tongs. unique style, which can also protect your hair from the heat.
This hair curler supplier provide korean automatic hair curler, hair curler
wholesale ,etc.

We have different hair curler types with different curling irons for sale,
which can satisfy our clients' different needs.

How to Manage Curly Hair Curler
Every delicate woman desires to have sexy and fashionable curly hair.

The curly hair made by the hairstylist is beautiful, however, how do we take
care of it by ourselves is a problem.

Let me tell you some useful tips.

Long hair:

Step 1: After washing the hair, use a towel to dry the hair's water until the
water does not drip. Dry the hair's water with a towel to reduce the time of
blowing the hair and reduce the damage to the hair by the tropics of the

Step 2: Wipe the hair with a towel until the hair is slightly damp, and evenly
apply the essential oil on the hair, and gently comb the hair by hand while

Step 3: Use a hairdryer to dry the roots and scalp. Pick up the hair by hand
and blow dry each part, which can make the hair roots fluffy and reduce the
blowing time.

Step 4: After drying the roots and scalp, divide the hair into four parts, two
fronts and two backs. Grab the ends of the hair and roll it in one direction
and then blow dry with a hairdryer. After being curled and dried, the curls of
the hair will be very rich and look lively.

If you roll it inward and blow it dry, it will feel intellectual and dignified.

Step 5: After drying the hair, gently comb each part of the rolled up with your
hands. If the hair is dry, you can apply hair care oil to the ends of the hair.

Short hair:

Step 1: Similarly, after washing the hair, use a towel to dry the water.

Step 2: When the hair is slightly damp, apply the essential oil to the ends of
the hair.

Step 3: Lower your head and pull all your hair to the front. Use a hairdryer to
blow your hair. Alternately blowing with the hot and cold wind will make your
hair more fluffy.

Step 4: After lowering your head and drying it, move your hair to the left and
right to continue drying. For short hair styling, you need to make the hair on
both sides, top, and back of the hair fluffy to make it more stylish, so you
have to blow it in every direction.

Step 5: After all the hair is blown dry, arrange the hair into the usual shape,
hold the curled part of the hair with your hand, and heat it with a hairdryer.
Apply styling products to the ends of the hair to make the curls last longer.

TAHATH is a professional hair curler manufacturer and supplier in China, we
have our own factory and many kinds of hair curling tongs for sale. We have
different types of curlers/rollers and curling rods/wands machine with
different kinds of curling irons, designed for short hair and long hair, and
the curls they make are multifarious. With the help of us, you can always buy a
suitable curling wand in online shopping. If you want to know more about the
machine, please contact us and get a high-quality curler at a cheap price.

Minimum Order: 60 pieces

Hair Curler
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