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Heavy Machine Shaft Alloy Steel Round Bars Black Surface Alloy Structural S

1.The main alloying elements of alloy steel are silicon, manganese, chromium,
nickel, molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium, titanium, niobium, zirconium, cobalt,
aluminum, copper, boron and rare earth. Among them, vanadium, titanium,
niobium, zirconium, etc. It is a strong carbide forming element in steel. Given
enough carbon, they can form their own carbides under the right conditions.
When carbon is lacking or under high temperature conditions, they enter into
solid solution in atomic state; manganese, chromium, tungsten, and molybdenum
are carbide-forming elements, part of which enters solid solution in atomic
state, and the other part forms substitute alloy cementite; aluminum, copper,
nickel , cobalt, silicon, etc. are elements that do not form carbides and
usually exist in solid solution in an atomic state.

2.There are many types of alloy steel, usually divided into low alloy steel
(content <5%), medium alloy steel (content 5% ~ 10%) and high alloy steel
(content > 10%). According to quality, it is divided into high-quality alloy
steel and special alloy steel; according to its characteristics and uses, it is
divided into alloy structural steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel,
wear-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel, alloy tool steel, rolling bearing
steel, alloy spring steel and special properties. Steel (such as soft magnetic
steel, permanent magnetic steel and non-magnetic steel).

3.Alloy steel contains more other elements than carbon steel
Alloy steel refers to steel containing silicon and manganese as alloying
elements or deoxidizing elements, as well as other alloying elements, and some
also contain certain non-metallic elements. According to the content of
alloying elements in steel, it can be divided into low alloy steel, medium
alloy steel and high alloy steel.
The carbon steel mainly refers to the steel whose mechanical properties depend
on the carbon content in the steel, and generally does not add a large amount
of alloying elements, and is sometimes called ordinary carbon steel or carbon
Carbon steel is also called carbon steel, an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon
content of less than 2% WC. In addition to carbon, carbon steel generally
contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus.
According to the purpose, carbon steel can be divided into three categories:
carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel and free-cutting structural steel.
According to the carbon content, carbon steel can be divided into low carbon
steel (WC ≤ 0.25%), medium carbon steel (WC0.25% - 0.6%) and high carbon steel

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Heavy Machine Shaft Alloy Steel Round Bars Black Surface Alloy Structural S
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