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High Quality CNC Machining Service

Custom CNC Machining Service of Precision CNC Machined parts, CNC Turned Parts,
from Metal to Plastic, 1 Piece Prototype to Mass Production

Looking for china cnc machining company ? YS Rapid is proud to offer one-stop
CNC machining service including milling, lathing, boring, grinding, etc.
Supported by our advanced precision cnc machines, and with our skilled &
experienced team of engineers, our CNC Machining Service simplifies the
manufacturing process and speed up the producing of machined components, which
reduce the time and cost of processing the machinery parts.

CNC Machining Types
CNC Turning
CNC turning primarily produces cylindrical parts, which is an ideal way to
machine cylindrical parts with features such as deep holes, threads, and more.
CNC turning can also give turned parts a smooth and exceptional finish. If you
need to quickly manufacture your turned parts, YS Rapid's CNC turning service
is your solution. We provide you with rapid prototype turning service, small
batch CNC turning and big batch CNC turning service. Contact us to learn more
about how we can help you.

CNC Milling
CNC milling is a machining process that uses a rotating tool to push the tool
into the workpiece to remove material. The machining process of CNC milling is
very similar to drilling and cutting. CNC milling is an ideal way to
manufacture parts with various corners, slots, holes and curves, flat surfaces
and channels. YS Rapid provides a one-stop solution for your custom CNC milling
project. Our CNC milling service has no quantity limits, including rapid
prototype CNC milling.

CNC 3-axis Machining
CNC 3 axis machining is one of the most widely used techniques for
manufacturing mechanical parts. This is a relatively simple process that can
machine material in 3 axes (X, Y, Z), during which machining tools cut material
in three principal directions corresponding to planar axes. YS Rapid is
committed to providing you with advanced 3 axis machining services, producing
various plastic and metal CNC machining parts.

CNC 4-axis Machining
At YS Rapid, we can manufacture 4 axis CNC machining parts from a wide variety
of plastics and metals. We can not only provide customers with CNC prototypes
but also quickly provide high-quality small batch CNC machining parts.

CNC 5-axis Machining
We provide advanced 5 axis CNC machining services that can significantly
increase the range of possibilities for processing complicated surfaces and
manufacturing parts of many shapes and sizes, capable of machining parts with
extremely complex geometries efficiently and precisely.
The 6 Advantages of CNC Machining Service
With the development of industry, product manufacturing requires faster speed,
higher efficiency and more stable sustainability. In such environment,
automation will continue to play an important role in the manufacturing
industry, while modern, computer-driven tools and equipment such as CNC lathes
and CNC machining will push product innovation and production.

As a tool for such high-paced activities, CNC precision machining will provide
companies with a competitive advantage by enabling complex designs, introducing
structural advantages, and making profitable components that cannot be
accomplished by any other manufacturing method. At this point, let’s take a
look at the various advantages CNC machining services offer:

CNC Machining is high efficient manufacturing.

When using CNC Machining machine, you can run them at the fastest settings
possible to meet increasing demands. The spindle speed and feed range of CNC
machines are large, allowing the CNC machine to perform powerful cutting with a
large amount of cutting, rapid movement and positioning of CNC machine's moving
parts, and high-speed cutting, reducing the inter-process turnaround time of
parts and improving production efficiency.

Minimum Order: 1 gallons

High Quality CNC Machining Service
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