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High strength alloy casting

High strength alloy casting
Category:Titanium alloy casting
High strength alloy casting is a cast titanium-based alloy with high tensile
strength at room temperature. Common grades are TC4 etc.
Product Description
High strength alloy casting is widely used in the aerospace field because of
its own properties.It is also commonly used in daily necessities, mainly used
in spectacle frames, watches, crutches, fishing rods, kitchen utensils, digital
products, etc.
High-strength titanium alloys generally refer to titanium alloys with tensile
strength between 1100-1400MPa at room temperature, and ultra-high-strength
titanium alloys, which refer to titanium alloys with tensile strength at room
temperature exceeding 1400MPa, generally not. too common. Because it is
lighter, it can be used to replace high-strength structural steel commonly used
in aircraft construction.
High-strength titanium alloy is a forged titanium alloy with high structural
efficiency, high reliability and high cost performance. The alloy has excellent
forging process performance, can produce precision or semi-precision die
forgings, and is widely used in the manufacture of aircraft landing gear,
fuselage, and stressed structural parts in wings.
High strength alloy casting
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