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Date/Time:  5/11/21 9:39 GMT

High Thermal Conductivity Thermal Gap Pad Applied To Military Equipment

Why can GLPOLY stand out from competition and be applied to military equipments.

We are not boasting and flaut ourself, actually we had received certificate of merit from department concerned.

The market is deluged with thermal gap pads, common customers can not distinguish high performance thermal pad from bad ones, because they don’t have a special equipment to test and verify what the manufacturers marked. Many peers said that they can produce thermal gap pad with 15.0W/mK or 17.0W/mK of thermal conductivity, most of them falsified.

We do not want to belittle peers, but after we tested their product, we got fake information often. one is falsification thermal conductivity, the other one is hgih thermal resistance. Bad performance causes distrust of customer in domestics brand.
GLPOLY sticks to principle of integrity, we show customer what it is. The raw materials are imported from Germany and Japan, in order to enhance thermal performance, secondary processing will be proceeded by nanoscale grinder. It will reduce the particle size and increase specific surface area to decrease thermal resistance and improve thermal performance. No one else proceeds like this.

Customer requested 5.0W/mK of thermal conductivity at least, when we learned application, we recommended thermal gap pads with 5.0W/mK and 6.0W/mK. Customer satisfied with parameters, but they prefered to test by themselves.

When we received product drawing, we prepared and adjust immediately. We delivered sample in three days, customer was surprised that we could deliver sample so quick. GLPOLY introduced digital cutting machine for sampling, it is 5-7 days faster than die-cut by mould. After one-month test, customer satisfied with 6.0W/mK thermal pad, the chief engineer designated GLPOLY as supplier and requested to deliver goods in one week after he got test report.

GLPOLY XK-P60 is a low thermal resistance, low hardness thermally condcutive, electrical insulation gap pad. soft and wet-out characteristics will decrease contact thermal resistance and improve heat transfer. Also, it is a environmental-friendly thermal pad with low siloxane by 30ppm, no pollution to components.

Entering the field of military and aerospace is a thing that most of suppliers have dreamed of all the time. GLPOLY is the first company to achieve military qualification class in the industry of thermal interface materials. GLPOLY thermal interface materials provides irresistible quality to you, making your devices cool and performing at their best.

Minimum Order: 10 pieces

High Thermal Conductivity Thermal Gap Pad Applied To Military Equipment
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