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Home AC EV Charger

JAYUAN is a professional solar products company/inc that offer Solar Energy
Products & Solutions to satisfy your needs. As a professional Solar Energy
Products & Solutions company, JAYUAN provides a unique solar power system for
solar energy products.

AC EV Charger for home is the most common and widely used charger around the
world. This charger is equipped with an AC plug and only requires a normal
electric power connection to be used at home. The input current is 32A and the
output power for the commonly used charger is 7kw. One of the main advantages
of this ev car home charger is that it's easy to install and usually can be
installed by wall mounted method.

Features of Jayuan Home AC EV Charger :
For Home. and more
Optional 7KW or 22KW
Optional Touching Display
Optional Internet Management
Optional Card User Management

Specification of Jayuan Home AC EV Charger
Model CHR 7/22 (SOCKET) CHR 7/22 (NO DISPLAY)
Rated Input Voltage 230 VAC/Single Phase, 380 VAC/3 Phase 240 VAC, 1-
Phase (AC Level 2)
Output AC Current 32A
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output Cable Length 2 ~ 5 meters
Regulation IEC 61851-1:2017, IEC61851-21-2 CCID 20
Charging Plug/Socket IEC 62196-2:2016              
Type 2 Plug, Type 2 Socket (Shutter Optional) SAEJ1772 Type 1 Plug/Socket
Thermal Protection YES
IP Degrees IP55
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ 70℃
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Communications LAN (basic)/4G or Wi-Fi (optional)
Backend Communication OCPP 1.6 JSON/SOAP

Details Of Jayuan Home AC EV Charger
Support Standard of Home AC EV Charger
Dimension And View of Home AC EV Charger
How To Choose A Home AC EV Charger
What Kind Of Charging Speed You Like?
It can be selected by the range of your EV (less or more), your driving style
(always drive at top speed or not), and your commute (long or short).

Why You Want To Get A Home EV Charger?
The charging station site is too far from your living area.
When getting off work, you have to wait in lines for other people to charge
The existing charger can not provide fast charging speed anymore.

Where To Put Your Home EV Charger?
Install the home EV charger closing to your garage door, parking slot of your
own would be easier to charge multiple cars.

Is Your EV Charger Safety And Reliability ?
Make sure the charger supports your EV and keep an eye on its warranty.
Home AC EV Charger
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