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Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloths

Vacuum filter belts are specifically designed for use in horizontal vacuum belt
filters, which are used in various industrial applications. Horizontal vacuum
filter belts are commonly used in industries such as chemical, light industry,
biochemical, non-ferrous metals, flue gas desulfurization, sugar-making,
alumina, and water treatment.

The horizontal belt filter cloth has uniform ventilation to ensure high-quality
filtering, a smooth and flat surface to ease unloading of the cake, and large
width to ensure maximum processing capacity.

Bolian horizontal belt filter cloth is divided into multifilament filter cloth
and monofilament filter cloth, which are selected according to the specific
requirements of industrial or mining applications.

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industrial filter fabrics
vacuum filter cloth1669877784
industrial filter cloth

Benefits of Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter
The fabric has uniform permeability, high warp and weft strength, and small
elongation, which ensures stable filtration.

A unique heat treatment process ensures that the cloth surface is smooth and
flat, making the filter cake easy to release.

Maximum width is 4.8 m, sufficient to meet the production demand of the largest

Excellent tracking performance and long service life.

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloths Offer Including:
PET, PP, DLW, etc.

DWL monofilament cloth including 5 categories and more than 30 kinds of
products, to meet the filtration needs of different applications.

Offers a variety of clippers, pin wires, and other press cloth accessories.

Edge coating to prevent leakage.

Stainless steel clipper closure.

Gule coating to protect the stitching.

Various types of clipper joints.

horizontal vacuum belt filter Specifications
Material Type Thickness(mm) Weight(g/m2) Breaking Strength
20cm*5cm(N) Air Permeability(L/m2.s)
Warp Weft
PP 505H-08HY 0.9 610 >5000 >4000 40±8
505D-50DY 1 550 >5500 >3500 400±80
505D-120D 1.1 550 >5500 >3500 1200±240
PET 909G-50GY 1.15 1000 >6000 >5000 400±80
909G-85GY 1.15 1000 >6000 >5000 600±120
909G-120GY 1.3 1000 >6000 >5000 1200±240

If you are looking for a reliable filter media factory, don't hesitate to
contact us!

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter Cloths
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