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hot selling t-slots base plate floor plates for turning machine

The principle of the crafting route of the marking platform

The formulation of the machining process of the cast iron scribing plate can
generally be divided into two steps. The first is to formulate the process
route of cast iron scribing and plate processing, and then determine the
equipment used in each process, process size and process equipment, working
hours quota, cutting specifications, etc. These two steps are interrelated and
should be analyzed comprehensively.

cast iron scribing plates

The formulation of the cast iron slab process route is to formulate the overall
layout of the process. The main task is to select the processing method of each
working surface, determine the processing sequence of each working surface, and
the number of processes in the entire process.

The general principles for establishing a process route for cast iron scribing
plates are as follows.

1. Process the datum surface first

During the processing of the part, the surface as the positioning reference
should be processed first, so as to provide a precise reference for the
subsequent processing as soon as possible. It is called "benchmark first".

2. Divide the processing stages

Surfaces with high processing quality requirements are divided into processing
stages, which can generally be divided into three stages: rough processing,
semi-finishing and finishing. The main purpose is to ensure the processing
quality; facilitate the rational use of equipment; facilitate the arrangement
of the heat treatment process; and facilitate the discovery of blank defects.

3. Hole first, then surface

For parts such as square boxes, brackets and connecting rods, the plane should
be processed first and then the holes should be processed. In this way, the
holes can be positioned on the plane to ensure the position accuracy of the
plane and the holes, and it is convenient to process the holes on the plane.

4. The main surface finishing (such as honing, grinding, fine grinding, etc.)
should be carried out at the last stage of the process route to prevent the
finishing surface from being damaged due to the transfer and installation
between processes.

Jinggong Measuring Tools Producing Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing
and exporting all kinds of cast iron products´╝îespecially for cast iron floor
plates, cast iron surface plates, cast iron clamping plates, cast iron angle
plates, cast iron box table and other machine tool castings. Our engineering
enables us to design the cast iron plates and tables according to DIN
Standards, Indian Standards and Chinese Standards, machining by CNC machine
tools and install in the world market.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

hot selling t-slots base plate floor plates for turning machine
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