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How to dry mint by the electric drying oven?

How to dry mint by the electric drying oven?
Cover-Mint drying
Mint is an edible plant, fresh mint leaves have a special cooling sensation and
a unique aroma. When the fresh mint leaves are picked, they can be eaten
directly after washing, or soaked in water, or used as a seasoning to be
processed into cakes, desserts, soups, and porridges. Mint is also a commonly
used traditional Chinese medicine. Oral use can treat symptoms such as colds,
getting angry, sore throat, and external use can treat skin pruritus, rashes,
and other symptoms. However, the preservation time of fresh mint is very short,
and it needs to be dried to extend the preservation time.

Why choose our mint drying equipment?
The process of mint drying
The advantages of dried mint
The advantages of the mint drying machine
Why choose our mint drying equipment?
The traditional mint drying method is air drying, and some small-scale
factories often use this method. However, this method has a long production
cycle and low efficiency. Due to the influence of weather, continuous
production cannot be carried out, and it has been unable to meet the needs of
modern production. Mint can’t be dried in the sun, because direct sunlight
will destroy the nutrients in the mint and easily cause excessive drying.

Mint drying mchine
Mint drying mchine
Our electric oven can effectively dry the mint, the whole drying process is
safe and reliable, and there is no danger of overheating or burning. Moreover,
the temperature and humidity are controlled accurately, which effectively
avoids the phenomenon of non-drying or over-drying caused by improper manual
operation. During the drying process, the tea leaves are completely dried
without changing color or deterioration.

The process of mint drying
Mint drying
Mint drying
First of all, the selection of mint leaves should be as far as possible to
choose the strong leaves with no insects and well-proportioned. Then it needs
to do some preparatory work before drying. First, clean the picked leaves with
cold water, and gently rub the front and back sides of the mint with your
fingers to ensure that the dust on the mint leaves is washed away. Then put the
cleaned mint in a cool place to drain the water. Finally, put the mint leaves
on the tray in the drying oven, adjust the temperature and humidity, the drying
box can run automatically. The dried mint should be placed in a cool and
ventilated place, and attention should be paid to observation to prevent the
occurrence of re-moisture.

The advantages of dried mint
To clear away heat, relieve heat, and dissipate heat: Eating a small amount of
dried peppermint can excite the central nervous system, expand the surrounding
capillaries and dissipate heat, and can promote the secretion of sweat glands.
Therefore, peppermint has a good effect on lowering body temperature. The stems
and leaves of peppermint are used as medicine. It has the effects of clearing
heat and relieving heat, expelling wind and swelling, and relieving throat and
pain. It is often used to treat symptoms such as wind-heat headache, sore
throat, wind-heat cold, red-eye pain, and other symptoms.
Improve appetite and help digestion: Middle-aged and elderly people can add
some dried mint when making porridge, which can refresh the heart and refresh
the mind, and also has a good effect of dispersing wind and heat, increasing
appetite, and helping digestion. On a hot summer day, use mint at home to make
a “cold soup” for yourself to drink, which can clear away the heat and
relieve the heat. People with poor digestive systems can often consume
peppermint, and carp for gastrointestinal digestion and absorption.
Anti-inflammatory and pain relief: There are many effects and functions of
peppermint. Summer is the season with more mosquitoes. Put a few peppermint
plants in the bedroom near the window. Spray some water before going to bed
every day to let the fragrance of peppermint fully emit, which can effectively
prevent it. Mosquito bites. If you are accidentally bitten by mosquitoes, you
can also use peppermint juice to relieve the itching, which is cool and
comfortable after use.
The advantages of the mint drying machine

The inside and outside of the oven are made of stainless steel or color steel,
which has the advantages of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, high
strength, and no rust.
The oven adopts two-way doors to facilitate inspection, disassembly of parts,
easy opening, and easy cleaning.
The equipment uses thermal energy to minimize the thermal energy loss from
combustion, and scientifically utilizes the recycling of thermal energy.
The whole set of equipment has a small footprint, is easy to move, and has no
installation costs.
The air volume, heating temperature, material residence time, and feeding speed
can be adjusted to obtain the best drying effect.
Not only can the material be dried, but sometimes the material can be roasted
or matured.
The unique air distribution device makes the hot air distribution more even and
ensures the consistency of product quality.
The structure is simple, the installation is convenient, and it can run for a
long time. , y-the-electric-drying-oven/
How to dry mint by the electric drying oven?
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