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Refrigerators, freezers etc.; heat pumps nesoi; parts thereof

CODE 8418

Tianjin Zhonglan Pump Co., Ltd. Logo Axial Flow Pump, Deep well Pump, Sewage Pump Manufacturer
Wellen Technology Co.,Ltd - Shenzhen, China
ellen is the most specialized manufacturer of thermoelectric products in China.
* We can supply all kinds of high quality pulleys at very competitive price.
Young Shin Industry Co., Ltd. - HongSeong-Gun, ChungCheongNam-Do Korea (South)
We are producing and exporting commercial refrigerators and freezers for the application of restaurants.
Yusuf Akpinar - Konya, N/a Turkey
BIKO Export Management GROUP & Sourcing-Buying Office Our products are listed below, please feel free to contact us for more details and prices
We supply vacuum pump 100% interchangeable with Siemens pump both in dimension and performance.
Zhejiang Boyang Compressor - Lanxi,zhejiang, Zhejiang China
Zhejiang Boyang Compressor Co.,ltd
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