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Peanuts (groundnuts), raw

CODE 1202

* ALIMENT-AR S.A.: offers Edible Oil: soyabean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil.Prunes. Raisins. Canned Food. Dehidrated fruit and vegetables Please contact us
* We process and export agricultural products, mainly include various cereals, nuts and kernels, oilseeds, beans and pulses, birdseeds etc. If you have interests in any of our items, please contact me.
* According to exporting quality standard,peanut products are top quality at lowest prices.
Kunming making trading Co.,Tld - kunming, YUNNAN China
our product have the high qulity ,can apply it all year round .
* Our products are of high quality, comply with foodstuff's safety and fit for human consumption
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