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Petroleum oils & oils from bituminous minerals etc. (crude)

CODE 2709

Agrorol Commodities EOOD Logo
Agrorol Commodities EOOD - Sofia, Sofia Bulgaria
Commodities at the price closest to the producer, without more intermediaries! Formality and agility. Let's do business together!
CJSC CAPITAL OIL - Moscow, Russia
Exceptional Mandate
ExIm - Kiev, UA Ukraine
Products from CIS and worldwide.
IberFerr - BILBAO, Vizcaya Spain
We trade with Africa. We find customer/suplier to the African firms.
Llc Sherberg - Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republik Russia
Cement, Urea, Sugar, Steel Waste, REBCO, etc. from Russia and CIS. Best offers from Mandates manufacturer and genuine agents.
MARKSYN SERVICE - Lagos, Lagos Nigeria Nigeria
we are very diligent in satisfying our customer and client
omegaenergy - Moscow, Moscow Russia
quality crudeoil products
Roil Ex Pte - Dhaka, Dhaka Bangladesh
Seller of D2,JP54,Mazut,AGO,REBCO,SLCO,BLCO,Palm oil,Bitumen,Cement
* Sino Poland Metal & Mineral Products Co.Ltd
Bottled Drinking Water, Bio Diesel,Refined Petro, used crt monitors,waste paper,used construction machinery.
Think Engineers - Mwanza, Mwanza Tanzania
Global Trading
Venture Tech International LLC - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
International Procurement Company with over 15 years international experience in 32 different countries
Zhejiang Urus Tools Co.,Ltd. Logo
Zhejiang Urus Tools Co.,Ltd. - Jiashan, Zhejiang China
Zhejiang Urus Tools Co.,Ltd.
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