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HS-Codes: Optical, Measuring, Checking, Medical etc. Instruments / Apparatus; Clocks / Watches; Musical Instruments; Parts & Accessories thereof

9001 optical fibers & fiber bundles etc.; sheets/plates of polarizing material; unmounted optical elements (lenses, prisms etc.)
9002 mounted optical elements (lenses, prisms etc.); parts & accessories thereof
9003 frames & mountings for spectacles, goggles etc.; parts thereof
9004 spectacles, goggles etc., corrective, protective (sunglasses etc.)
9005 optical telescopes, astronomical instruments, & mountings therefor; parts thereof
9006 photographic cameras; flashlight apparatus etc.
9007 cinematographic cameras & projectors; parts & accessories thereof
9008 image projectors; enlargers & reducers; parts & accessories thereof
9009 photocopying apparatus & thermocopying apparatus; parts & accessories thereof
9010 apparatus & equipment for photo labs etc. nesoi; parts & accessories thereof
9011 compound optical microscopes; parts & accessories thereof
9012 microscopes nesoi; diffraction apparatus; parts & accessories thereof
9013 liquid crystal devices nesoi; lasers & other optical appliances/instruments nesoi; parts & accessories thereof
9014 direction finding compasses & other navigational appliances/instruments, parts & accessories thereof
9015 surveying, hydrographic, oceanographic, meteorological etc. appliances/instruments; rangefinders; parts & accessories thereof
9016 balances of a sensitivity >=5cg; parts & accessories thereof
9017 drawing, mathematical calculating, measuring etc. instruments nesoi; parts & accessories thereof
9018 medical, surgical, dental etc. instruments/appliances; electro-diagnostic apparatus; parts & accessories thereof
9019 mechano-therapy appliances; massage apparatus; psychological testing, ozone therapy etc. apparatus; parts & accessories thereof
9020 breathing appliances & gas masks nesoi; parts & accessories thereof
9021 orthopedic appliances; fracture appliances; artificial body parts; hearing aids etc.; parts & accessories thereof
9022 x-ray etc. apparatus; tubes, panels, screens etc.; parts & accessories thereof
9023 instruments, apparatus & models for demonstrational purposes; parts & accessories thereof
9024 machines & appliances for testing mech. properties of materials; parts & accessories thereof
9025 hydrometers, thermometers, pyrometers, barometers etc.; parts & accessories thereof
9026 instruments/apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level etc. of liquids/gases; parts & accessories thereof
9027 instruments/apparatus for physical or chemical analysis; microtomes; parts & accessories thereof
9028 gas, liquid or electricity supply or production meters; parts & accessories thereof
9029 revolution & production counters, taximeters, odometers etc.; parts & accessories thereof
9030 oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers etc.; parts & accessories thereof
9031 measuring or checking instruments/appliances/machines nesoi in chapter 90; profile projectors; parts & accessories thereof
9032 automatic regulating or controlling instruments/apparatus; parts & accessories thereof
9033 parts & accessories nesoi for instruments/appliances/machines of chapter 90

9101 wrist watches, pocket watches etc. with case of prec. metal or of metal clad with prec. metal
9102 wrist watches, pocket watches etc. nesoi
9103 clocks with watch movements, excl. instrument panel clocks
9104 instrument panel clocks etc. for vehicles, aircraft etc.
9105 clocks nesoi (alarm clocks, wall clocks etc.)
9106 time of day recording apparatus & apparatus for measuring, recording etc., with clock, sync. motor etc.
9107 time switches with clock or watch movement or with synchronous motor
9108 watch movements, complete & assembled
9109 clock movements, complete & assembled
9110 complete/incomplete/rough watch or clock movements
9111 watch cases and parts thereof
9112 clock cases and cases of a similar type for other goods of this chapter; parts thereof
9113 watch straps, watch bands & watch bracelets; parts thereof
9114 clock or watch parts nesoi

9201 pianos, harpsichords & other keyboard stringed instruments
9202 string musical instruments nesoi (guitars, violins etc.)
9203 keyboard pipe organs; harmoniums & similar keyboard instruments with free metal reeds
9204 accordions and similar instruments; mouth organs
9205 wind musical instruments nesoi (clarinets, trumpets etc.)
9206 percussion musical instruments (drums, xylophones etc.)
9207 musical instruments with sound electrically produced/amplified
9208 musical boxes, fairground organs etc.; whistles, call horns etc.
9209 parts & accessories of musical instruments; metronomes, tuning forks etc.


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