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Date/Time:  5/17/22 2:10 GMT

Hydraulic pressure reducing valve run normally after using AAK sealing ring

The XX hydraulic manufacturing company in Germany has been rooted in the
hydraulic system equipment of the airport for many years. A batch of hydraulic
pressure reducing valves purchased by the novice Carla at the beginning of the
year were repeatedly complained by the airport, which brought a lot of losses
to the company's after-sales service and alerted the boss. In the first half of
last year, Carla’s company sold hydraulic power units to Malaysia, which is
used to supply emergency fuel to aircraft at the airport. The equipment was
reported for repair after running for about a month. The after-sales engineer
handled it at Kuala Lumpur Airport and locked the abnormality of the hydraulic
pressure reducing valves according to the fault code. Finally, it was found
that the sealing ring of the hydraulic pressure reducing valves was corroded,
affecting the operation of the equipment.

The engineer asked Carla to mail the new sealing ring to the site within 2
weeks. The manufacturer of the original hydraulic pressure reducing valves
learned that the sealing ring was seriously corroded and was willing to replace
with fluororubber sealing rings, which have the best corrosion resistance, for
free. The manufacturer also reminded Carla that when she placed the order, the
medium used in the hydraulic pressure reducing valves was not specified, so the
conventional nitrile rubber sealing rings were equipped. Considering that Carla
is a novice, he is willing to offer replacements for free.

Carla thought that the abnormal hydraulic pressure reducing valves were solved
in this way. Unexpectedly, the same problem occurred only two months after the
replacement. The customer was angry and said that if the second after-sales
service still couldn't solved the problem at one time, all the equipment would
be returned. Carla went to the original manufacturer of hydraulic pressure
reducing valves again, and the manufacturer gave up, because the fluororubber
seal ring was their best choice. Now Carla was worried and had to turn to her
purchasing director for help. The director asked her to contact AAK hydraulic
valves first. If AAK still cannot solve it, there will be no need to waste time
on Chinese hydraulic pressure reducing valve manufacturers and can only
purchase from Germany.

After receiving the email, AAK replied that she should not worry. According to
the drawing parameters of her hydraulic pressure reducing valve, it matches a
hydraulic pressure reducing valve used in aircraft completely that AAK produced
for a Russian customer reorder some time ago. We still have some quantity in
stock, and can ensure that AAK hydraulic pressure reducing valves will not be
reported for repair for at least one year. The next day, AAK sent 10 hydraulic
pressure reducing valves to Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Carla emailed us a few days ago that after using AAK hydraulic pressure
reducing valves, the equipment has been running smoothly for 6 months, while
the ones from the original manufacturer were reported for repair in 2 months.
She was surprised by the sealing ring of AAK hydraulic pressure reducing

AAK can't be careless in details. Like the original manufacturer, not to check
the use medium of the hydraulic pressure reducing valves, but ship order
blindly, this is zero tolerance for AAK. The aircraft hydraulic system uses
highly corrosive aviation blue oil. Even the fluororubber sealing ring
considered as the best by most manufacturers is still not suitable for this
medium. Three years ago, AAK tested for many times and found that EPDM seal
ring is the most suitable for aviation blue oil medium. Its special molecular
structure is highly chemically stable, especially the anti-aging property is
several times that of fluorine rubber. This is also the reason why Russian
customer has been reordering the hydraulic pressure reducing valves on aircraft
from AAK.

AAK hydraulic pressure reducing valves have tips on sealing rings, which can be
used in the airport. Peers can't think of it. You are welcome to give it a try! , l/hydraulic-pressure-reducing-valves-
Hydraulic pressure reducing valve run normally after using AAK sealing ring
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