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Contact: John Yang
Company: Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co.,
32D floor,Guomao building,Hubin South Road,Siming District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province,China.
fujian 361009
Phone: +86-18159889985
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Date/Time:  7/7/21 9:49 GMT

hydrogen gas production with maximum capacity

It will be a right choice to cooperate with us
Sales manager : John
Email mailto :
Skype/WeChat : 18159889985
Mobile/WhatsApp : +86 18159889985

Tech Specification
P/N ZXD-30
Hydrogen Production(m3/h) 40
Oxygen Production(m3/h) 15
Hydrogen Purity(V/V) ≥99.99%
Oxygen Purity(V/V) ≥92.5%
Operating load 50%-100%
Working Pressure(MPa) 1.5~2.6
Hydrogen Moisture Content(g/m3) ≤4
Hydrogen Alkalinity(mg/m3) ≤1
Working Temperature(℃) 85±5
Cooling water flow(m3/h) 4.2
DC power consumption(kW·h/m3H2) ≤4.3
External dimension of electrolyzer L×W×H (mm) 2180x1160x1400
Electrolyzer Weight(kg) 4800
Alkali concentration 30% KOH
Circulation quantity of alkali liquor(m3/h) 2.0~2.5
Koh consumption (normal operation)(kg/unit) 320

Main Features of the Product
● Ultra-pure gas:
Ultra-pure (99.999%) gas generation with continuous purity monitoring
can extend the life of the equipment and save a lot of maintenance and

● Reliable reliability:
The system is equipped with an overvoltage protection device. If the
hydrogen output
flow exceeds the maximum pressure, the generator will automatically shut
down. It can
be restarted after turning off the power manually.

● Stable gas flow:
Continuous and stable gas output: The generator can be used continuously or
ntly, and the gas produced is stable and high in purity.

● Exhaustive test:
Each unit has passed a comprehensive factory test, in line with national
standards and
beyond the industry standards.

● On demand supply:
1.The delivery pressure is adjustable from 0 to 0.35 MPa
2.The maximum flow conveying range is from 0.018 m3/h to 50 m3 / h
3.The higher flow conveying range can meet your specific hydrogen
4.Simple operation, easy maintenance: the hydrogen generator can be started
by a button,
and the design is simple. The generator comes with a spare connector and O-
ring for end
user convenience.

● Automatic Water-feeding:
The float and the pump work together to achieve automatic water-feeding

Sales manager : Leonia Email mailto :
Skype/WeChat : 18030175807 Mobile/WhatsApp : +86 18030175807
( It will be a right choice to cooperate with us)

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hydrogen gas production with maximum capacity
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