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Company: Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Energy Technology Co.,
Office Address : 32D Guomao Building , No.388 , Hubin south Road , Siming district , Xiamen , Fujian
Xiamen, Fujian 361001
Phone: 008618020714921
Fax: 86-592-5165503
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Date/Time:  9/3/21 7:24 GMT

Hydrogen production from solar energy electrolyser cell

Mobile: 008618020714921(whatsapp)

Containerized-typ , e Water electrolysis hydrogen generation plant

ZXD Containerized-type Water electrolysis hydrogen generation plantsman,Integrated
electrolyzer, gas-liquid processor,tower purification equipment, control cabinet,
rectifier cabinet.The hydrogen production capacity of high purity hydrogen can
reach 100 Nm3 / h per set
The purity of hydrogen is 99.999% and the dew point is - 70 (℃).

P/N ZXD-15 ZXD-20 ZXD-24
Hydrogen Production(m3/h) 15 20 24
Oxygen Production(m3/h) 7.5 10 12
Hydrogen Purity(V/V) (≥)99.99% (≥)99.99% (≥)99.99%
Oxygen Purity(V/V) (≥)92.5% (≥)92.5% (≥)92.5%
Operating load 50(%)~100(%) 50(%)-100(%) 50(%)-100(%)
Working Pressure(MPa) 1.5~3.0 1.5~3.0 1.5~2.6
Hydrogen Moisture Content(g/m3) ≤4 ≤4 ≤4
Hydrogen Alkalinity(mg/m3) ≤1 ≤1 ≤1
Working Temperature(℃) 85±5 85±5 85±5
Cooling water flow(m3/h) 2.6 3 3.6
DC power coumption(kW·h/m3H2) ≤4.3 ≤4.3 ≤4.3

Company Profile 
Xiamen Zhongxinda Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the
design, R & D, manufacture and sales of water electrolysis hydrogen production
equipment, hydrogen storage equipment, hydrogen bus bar and hydrogen purification
device in various industries for many yea.
The hydrogen production capacity of the equipment produced by our company ranges
from 2 m3/h to 1500m3/h.The hydrogen energy equipment of by-product hydrogen tail
gas, peak shaving and frequency regulation of thermal power plant provide the
design, production, itallation and commissioning of hydrogen production, hydrogen
storage, hydrogen production and hydrogenation station and technical services.

Zhongxinda company already passed ISO9001 quality management system certification
Zhongxinda company already passed the iso45001 occupational health system
Zhongxinda company already passed ISO14001 environmental management system

Email: , lt; , br>Mobile: 008618020714921(whatsapp)
Website: www.zxdh2.c , om

After-Sale Service
We have a professional after-sales service team for hydrogen generation system
with rich experience in hydrogen machine maintenance.According to the running
state and environment of hydrogen production machine , we will help you optimize
and upgrade the system, design pla suitable for the operation of the machine,
improve the monitoring and detection for DCS and PLC, enhance the running safety
and using cycle of hydrogen production equipment, so that reduce system failure
caused by peripheral equipment (hydrogen compressor, dryer, PLC controller, etc.)
and equipment failure or accident caused by peonnel operation mistakes.
In view of the system shutdown caused by the fault of individual components for
most use (such as system pressure imbalance and inaccurate measurement of the
analyzer caused by the fault of pressure tramitter and ), we have stable detection
methods and equipment maintenance pla for hydrogen production machine.

Other Products and Services
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fuel technology, ZXD Separated Type Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generation
Containerized-type Water electrolysis hydrogen generation plant
Integrated water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment
Hydrogen purification system
Hydrogen bus-bar
The cooling water circulation system

Mobi , le: 008618020714921(whatsapp)
Website: www.zxdh2.c , om

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Hydrogen production from solar energy electrolyser cell
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