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Hydroskimming Refinery

Catalog of Hydroskimming Oil Refinery
Mode Capacity
(BPD) Power
(Kw/d) Fabrication Period
(month) Area
(Acre) Skid Number Weight
MR150 15000 500 7 4 12 550
MR200 20000 650 7 5 14 700
MR250 25000 800 7 6 16 900

Product Yield of Hydroskimming Refinery

Product Yield of Hydro Skimming bpd Refinery
20,000 bpd   Hydrskimming Refinery
Generic Crude Oil Assay with API of 33.9°- CDU Yield
Product Yield 20,000 bpd
Light Gasoline 2.63% 526 bpd
Light Naphtha 4.05% 810 bpd
Medium Naphtha 9.14% 1828 bpd
Heavy Naphtha 6.70% 1340 bpd
Light Kerosene 9.90% 1980 bpd
Heavy Kerosene 12.79% 2558 bpd
AGO 15.47% 3094 bpd
Atmos Residue 37.92% 7584 bpd
Total 100.00% 20,000 b
Know How and Technology of Hydroskimming Refinery
The modular oil refinery's core technology is based on the up to date internal
technology from PCC. As we know internal's efficiency influence the unit size
and energy consumption. We are the member of FRI(which is non-profit
organization founded by most esteemed chemical company like Exxon Mobil, Shell,
Dow, etc. And the most authoritative research group in internal field). Our
newest patent packing Winpak is widely used in the oil and gas field and win
very good reputation from our customers.

Jet guided trapezoidal floating valve(SGTV)
SGTV is high-performance float valve tray, researched and developed by Tianjin
University, on the basis of absorbing the application of bar float valve, fixed
tongue and guided sieve tray experience from domestic and overseas. (Patent no.
00204491.9). The valve plate shape is divided into two kinds of models A and B,
absorbed the characteristics of the V type grid, changing the rectangular valve
plate to trapezoid, making propelling action strengthened. Especially the B
type float valve, not only opens holes on the side of the type A float valve,
but also adds a hole in front of the body, plays a guide role in real, at the
same time, strengthens the propelling action. On the structure, using gas
circulation area adjustable floating valve structure overcomes the small
operation flexibility of V- grid. Experimental research and practical
application show that the SGTV greatly improves the performance of the plate.

Winpak packing
Through continuous improvement of traditional packing, PCC has a series of new
high efficiency structured packings with independent intellectual property
rights, the main product is Winpak series packing. Compared to the conventional
plate corrugated packing with same surface area, our packing’s plate
efficiency improves more than 25-50%, while pressure drop decreases. New
packing has been applied in hundreds of towers in oil refining, petrochemical
and other industries.

PCC is a leading EPC contractors in oil & gas fields and has consistently
proven itself as the company of choice in designing and manufacturing of
modular refinery. We provide lpg plant equipment, lpg plant for sale, oil
refinery engineering and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Hydroskimming Refinery
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