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Hygiene Hand Sanitizer

Demand for hygiene hand sanitizer wholesale becomes greater in today's global
environment. The most basic is often the most important. About 90% of HAls are
caused by hand transmission. Good hand hygiene has thus become the most
important preventive means. Proper handwashing with hand safe sanitizer is
critical to reducing the spread of many types of pathogens. The hands of
medical staff who often contact with instruments and patients need better
Cleaning, Disinfection, and comprehensive Care.

Lionser, as one of the hand sanitiser manufacturers and sanitiser supplier,
produces professional clean and fresh hand sanitizers that are suitable for
meeting the daily challenges of medical activities. Our bulk buy sanitizer is
sold at a suitable price.

Wholesale Bulk Hand Sanitizer Types
Lionser Hand Sanitizer Gel 75% Alcohol
Lionser Hand Sanitizer Gel is a 75% alcohol-based daily care hand sanitizer
which helps kill germs and keep good hand hygiene with no sticky residue, with
emollient inside to provide a gentle feel and minor skin-stimulation. Lionser
as handwashing products wholesale and bulk suppliers assured hygiene hand
sanitizer made in China safe.

Lionser Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel-Free Alcohol (17 Fl Oz/500ml)
Lionser Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel contains aloe emollient with gentle
touch, no irritation. This type of hand disinfectant produced by hand sanitizer
company has broad-spectrum and efficient sterilization along with non-toxic and
non-stimulating features is in bulk for sale.

Lionser Hand Disinfectant Solution 72-88% Alcohol (17 Fl Oz/500ml) Rinse Free
Lionser Hand Disinfectant Solution contains 72-88% alcohol, and unique
emollient to reduce skin irritation. By easily sterilizing viruses, this type
of sanit hand sanitizers from China hand sanitiser manufacturer is effective
for major epidemic viruses and is applicable to sanitary hand disinfection and
surgical hand disinfection.
SunBerry Rinse-free Hand Sanitizer Liquid (17 Fl Oz/500ml)
SunBerry Rinse-free Hand Sanitizer Liquid contains ethanol, our hand
disinfectant suppliers and manufacturers call it as Chlorhexidine gluconate,
which is the popular standard hand disinfection formula of American FDA because
of this type of hygiene hand sanitizer's good water-solubility, moderate pH,
mild nature with moisturizing skincare ingredients.

Lionser's Bulk Buy Hand Sanitiser Highlights

Over 20 years professional hygiene hand sanitizer experiences in medical

Broad-spectrum, high-performance, long-lasting sterilization, low stimulation

Emollient and natural aloe essence to make it feel fine and gentle

The spray of a good sanitizer is more even and avoids splashing

Various net contents for a convenient choice of bulk buy hand sanitiser

Economic and practical hand safe sanitizer product experience with professional
medical quality
Why Hygiene Hand Sanitizer is Important in Our Daily Life?
It is very important to buy sanify hand sanitizer to keep yourself and others
healthy, safe, and clean. In the absence of soap and water, the use of scented
hygiene hand sanitizer is an effective substitute for handwashing. Germs come
into contact all day long: preparing food, going to the toilet, cleaning the
room, working, and relaxing with family, friends, and pets. These potentially
infectious bacteria can spread from person to person through physical contact
and contact with objects contaminated by others.

It is said that hand washing products can kill 99.99% of bacteria, making them
convenient and effective. Pocket hygienic sanitizer bottles are small enough to
fit in your wallet, schoolbag, or even pocket, so you'll never run out of them
when you go out. You can also put gentle sanify hand sanitizer in your desk
drawer, locker, or car to make sure you never find yourself without the option
of washing your hands. Therefore, sanit hand sanitizer is the single most
effective way to prevent the spread of infections. Using hand washing products
is essential in our daily life. Lionser sanitiser supplier provides efficient
sanify hand sanitizer which is assured hand sanitizer made in china safe for
skin. Contact us now!

Risk of No Hygiene Hand Sanitizer
In daily life, we will touch many things, including dirty surfaces, gadgets,
utensils, door handles, and handrails, which contain bacteria and viruses. When
we touch our eyes, nose, and mouth without washing our hands, these bacteria
enter our bodies.

Here are 5 risks of no hygiene hand sanitizer.

1. Diarrhea
To prevent diarrhea, you should make sure you wash your hands often. The
correct way to wash hands may help reduce the incidence of diarrhea by up to

2. Hepatitis A
This virus infection can cause liver problems, jaundice, abdominal pain, fever
and fatigue, and is usually transmitted through food contaminated by people who
prepare food with unclean hands. Buying hand sanitizer is very important to
keep yourself and others healthy, safe and clean. In the absence of soap and
water, the use of sanit hand sanitizer is an effective substitute for

3. Pink eyes
Pink eye is one of the most annoying infectious diseases. It is also highly
infectious. As people rub their eyes to reduce discomfort and then touch the
surrounding environment, the bacteria that cause red eyes eventually appear on
all kinds of surfaces, where red eyes can survive for hours or even days. Hand
washing with stay clean hand sanitizer helps to remove viruses or bacteria
before they spread.

4. Common cold
A cold can make you feel painful. According to a study published in the
American Journal of preventive medicine, the proper way of washing can reduce
a person's risk of respiratory diseases by 45%.

5. Covid-19
You already know that, but here's a gentle reminder. In the fight against
Covid-19, one thing we need to do often is wash our hands frequently. To
prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, you need to wash your hands with
assured hand sanitizer and tap water for at least 20 seconds.

FAQ about Hygiene Hand Sanitizer
When should I use hand washing products?
A :
Always perform hand washing products with Lionser medical disinfectant in the
following situations:

1. Before and after treating each patient (e.g. before and after gloving).

2. After touching with bare hands instruments, equipment, materials, and other
objects that are likely to be contaminated by blood, saliva, or respiratory
secretions.Before leaving the dental treatment area.

3. When hands are visibly soiled.

4. Before regloving and after removing gloves that are torn, cut, or punctured.

What's the proper way to use hand washing products?
A :
As one of the hand disinfectant manufacturer, we suggest using 75 alcohol based
hand sanitizer (follow manufacturer directions):

Dispense the recommended amount of product

Apply sanify hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand

Rub hands together, making sure that all surfaces of hands and fingers are
covered until they are dry (no rinsing is required)

How should hand washing products be stored?
A :
Store and dispense different types of sanitizers according to the hand
sanitizer companies that manufacture hand sanitizer's instructions. Hand
washing products such as liquid soaps and lotions can become contaminated with
bacteria or other microorganisms. Liquid hygienic sanitizers should be stored
in closed containers and dispensed from either disposable containers or
containers that are washed and dried thoroughly before refilling. Soap should
not be added to a partially empty dispenser; the practice of "topping off"
might lead to bacterial contamination of soap and cancel the benefit that hand
washing is the best way to prevent infections.
Hygiene Hand Sanitizer
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