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Illumination Tactile Switch,SPST 6x6x7.2mm 6-Pins Through Hole Mini Led Tac

1 Wire tail treatment: cut the wire tail flat, do not hit the carbon paste on
the back of the terminal -

a layer of single-sided adhesive pet for reinforcement. When it is necessary to
hit the terminal,

lead the front of the terminal to the terminal riveting pressure. Note that the
double tail line should

be cut at the 1.5 cm rounded outlet at the bottom of the tail line.

2 Punching: on the assembled circuit, the four corners are aligned, the open
hole is extended by

1 mm, connected all around, and bound to the assembled circuit. Knock it down
with something.

When knocking on the door, be careful if the line is hit.

3 Stamping forming: the standard requires accuracy. According to the supplied
standard, the

thickness, standard and shape of printing materials, the standard of touch
switch is subject to

variable processing to obtain accurate structural standard. The quality of
stamping die is the key

to directly affect the forming quality of light touch switch shell. High
quality convex pressing adopts

hot pressing. Its advantage is that the kneading convex shape is not deformed,
with a sense of

hierarchy and three-dimensional feeling.

4 Inspection: check whether there is any appearance deviation and poor silk
screen printing. Then,

according to the circuit principle, check one by one and touch the band lights
Illumination Tactile Switch,SPST 6x6x7.2mm 6-Pins Through Hole Mini Led Tac
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