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Indoor Farming & LED Grow Lights

Indoor Plant Grow Light Systems
With the artificial lights as crops growing light, which mimicking the
sunlight, indoor growers growing different plants may be for there's no
specific growing place or do some growing-shifts during the winter. But anyway,
indoor farming lights do get some benefit for indoor growers so that they can
shorten the cultivation period or help the crops growing healthier.

Video of LED Indoor Farming
Enlite provides a variety of indoor farming LED lights for many large or small
indoor growers, and we have received many feedbacks which have achieved good
results. Customer's feedbacks are the best affirmation of our indoor farming
systems, and can help us do more R&D to develop better product designs.

Why LED Indoor Farming
Traditionally, people growing with natural sunlight and raining, mostly for one
or two seasons per year. Nowadays, some of the citizens growing in their
gardens or so. But not everyone has a garden or a space to grow naturally, or
some are tending to grow crops year-round. With the artificial lights mimicking
the sunlight, growers cultivating indoor to grow up to 4 seasons one year.

The Pros of Indoor Farming LED Lights
By using small indoor greenhouse with grow lights, growers can better control
the light required for plant growth, shorten the growth cycle by adjusting the
time of light exposure, and can control the adverse effects like natural
disasters and pests.

Indoor Farming LED Lights for Indoor Farm
Unlike ordinary HPS or MH lights, which are mainly red or blue lights, indoor
farming LED lights generally have their own design. Enlite #12 spectrum
contains all wavelengths of light from UV to IR for better plant growth, which
totally mimics the sunlight and helps the crops growing healthy.

Enlite Indoor Farming System
Enlite provides a variety of different voltages to meet the needs of growers in
different regions and has different models to meet the needs of different crops
or different growth cycles. At the same time, we also provide indoor plant
lighting systems which include dimming and monitoring the temperature, humidity
and so on.

ENLITE is a professional grow light manufacturer, we provide indoor grow
lights, grow lights for indoor plants, full spectrum plant lamp, etc. Contact
us to know greenhouse grow lights information or more.
Indoor Farming & LED Grow Lights
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