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Date/Time:  11/17/21 9:43 GMT

Industrial Boiler Economizer Superheater Coil For Enthalpy Improve

Superheater Coil Made of Carbon Steel for Industrial Boilers and Power Plant
Boiler Application


A superheater is a component that heats saturated steam in an industrial
boiler, turning it into superheated steam. Our superheater guarantees that
the superheated steam temperature will fluctuate to within an allowable
range (normally varies from 540℃ to 550℃) when the boiler is over loaded.

Superheaters and reheaters are important parts for the heating surfaces,
used to increase steam temperature, aiming to improve steam enthalpy and
further to increase the thermal circulation efficiency for power station.

The superheater, reheater and economizer of the boiler adopt serpentine tube
heating surface. Due to a series of characteristics such as large number,
different bending radius and many welded joints, the manufacturing process
of serpentine heating surface is more complex and the productivity is lower.
In recent years, in order to change this backward production appearance,
China's major boiler plants have taken a series of measures in design and
technology to improve the universality of product parts and components,
creating necessary conditions for the mechanization, automation and
organization of automatic production lines of serpentine pipe production. At
present, China's major boiler plants have adopted automatic production lines
with program control for the manufacture of coil heating surfaces.

Industrial Boiler Economizer Superheater Coil For Enthalpy Improve 0


Type Advantages Disadvantages Supporting method
Pendant-type 1.Firm structural support 1. Flow blockage by
condensed steam 2. Needs slow restart to purge the water that accumulates in
the bottom. supported from above
Inverted-type 1.Proper drainage of the condensed steam 1. Lack the
structural rigidity, especially in high speed gas flow Supported from below
Horizontal -type
1. Proper drainage

2. Good structural rigidity.

1. They do not view the flam directly so they are mainly from the convective
type Usually supported in the vertical gas ducts parallel to the main
Industrial Boiler Economizer Superheater Coil For Enthalpy Improve
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