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Industry fruit food dryer machine

Fruit dryers mostly use heat pump drying rooms to dry fruits. This can prevent
the fruit from being oxidized when exposed to the outside for too long. After
the fruit is oxidized, the color and freshness of the fruit will be affected.
The fruit dryer machine in the heat pump room directly feeds the carts and
shelves with fruits into the dryer to dry the fruits. As a kind of food dryer,
the fruit dryer should keep the color, freshness, and nutrients of the fruit to
the utmost extent when drying materials.

The operation of the fruit drying machine is very simple. It is accurately set
according to the temperature, humidity, duration, mode, and other parameters
required for fruit drying. The application is flexible and convenient, so that
the fruit is always in a reasonable drying environment, so as to ensure that
after drying The quality of the fruit. At the same time, it also has multiple
heat recovery capabilities, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and
save costs.

When buying an industrial fruit dryer machine, you need to clarify your own
drying output. According to actual production demand, we divide fruit dryers
into large, medium, and small fruit dryers. Due to different fruit varieties,
the actual drying yield will vary.
The large fruit dryer can dry 5 to 8 tons of fruit per day.
The medium-sized fruit dryer can dry 2 to 5 tons of fruit per day.
The small fruit dryer can dry about 500 kg to 2 tons of fruit per day.

The fruit drying machine can provide a 20-80℃ dry environment for bananas,
apples, mangos, strawberries, lemons, grapes, coconut, pineapples, and other

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Industry fruit food dryer machine
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