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Date/Time:  4/25/21 6:02 GMT

Integrated Sludge Dewatering

Integrated Sludge Dewatering
Integrated sewage sludge dewatering is a new sludge treatment product designed
for some special occasions, such as complicated environment, unstable sludge
volume, temporary, etc.
This product is aimed at the existing dewatering equipment on the market, such
as high energy consumption, high input cost, large volume, difficult to move,
low automation, complicated operation, dirty working environment and other
defects. It is based on the popular MD sludge dewatering machine in the market.
A patented product developed by combining advanced technology of the company's
sludge treatment equipment. This sludge dewatering machine has a low water
content in the mud cake, and it does not need to add inorganic agents such as
lime, which completely avoids secondary pollution.
In order to meet the needs of customers, JR ENVIRONMENT developed a integrated
sewage sludge dewatering based on the MD sludge dewaterer and OP sludge
dewaterer. It is equipped with a feeding system, a large particle interception
pretreatment system, a sludge pump, Sludge dewatering machine, fully automatic
dosing device, deodorization system, pipeline, electronic control system,
container shell, mobile frame, etc. If necessary, diesel generator sets can be
configured to become a mobile sludge treatment workshop .

Miniaturization and high performance: The adopted MD sludge dewatering machine
is characterized by a small footprint, large processing capacity, continuous
operation for 24 hours, fully automatic control, almost no manual operation,
low power, low noise, and good treatment effect.
Good operating economy: Low investment cost of equipment, even zero investment,
low operating cost, motorized transportation, on-demand transportation, good
operating economy.
Wide trial range: The machine has a wide range of applications. The moving ring
in the filter gap is constantly creeping, and the gap will not be blocked. It
can be used for some conventional sludge with a solid content of 0.2% -5%.
Maneuverability: For special requirements, the container-mounted design is
adopted. One device can be radiated to all parts of the country. It can be
called mobile sludge.
Simple operation and easy maintenance: The mechanism is simple and requires few
detection parts, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. In actual
production, the operator can carry out production operations by using a touch-
type (touch-type) operation panel.
Product quality assurance: Good after-sales service and training.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Integrated Sludge Dewatering
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