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IP67 Stainless Steel Industrial Temperature Sensor K Type Thermocouple

IP67 Stainless Steel Industrial Temperature Sensor K Type Thermocouple

China Manufacture High Quality Low Quality Temperature Sensor 10*150mm Thermocouple

TY-S series thermocouple is used as a temperature sensor, usually in combination
with display instruments, recording instruments and electronic regulators. It can
directly measure the surface temperature of -50-600°C of liquid, steam, gas and
solid surface in production processes.

Working principle

TY-S series thermocouple is composed of two different conductor materials. The
temperature difference between the measuring terminal and the reference terminal
will result in thermoelectric potential, and the working instrument will display
the corresponding temperature value.

1. The structure principle of thermocouple

The industrial thermocouple is mainly composed of junction box, protective tube,
terminal block, insulating ceramic column and temperature sensing element, and
equipped with various installation and fixing devices.

1.1 ype of thermocouple: platinum rhodium 30-platinum rhodium 6, platinum rhodium
10-platinum, nickel chromium-nickel silicon, nickel chromium-copper nickel.

1.2 Protective tube: According to the type of thermocouple, the condition of the
measured medium and the temperature to be measured, the tubes made of different
materials are selected. The tubes of thermocouple are generally made of carbon
steel, various grades of stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials.

1.3 Junction box: The junction box of thermocouple is used to connect the display
instrument of temperature sensing element, generally made of aluminum alloy and
stainless steel. It is divided into explosion-proof, waterproof and small splash-
proof structures.

1.4 Wiring board: The wiring board of thermocouple is generally made of ceramics
and installed in the junction box. It is the signal output terminal of the
thermocouple, and divided into two types: single-branch type and double-branch

1.5 Installation and fixing device: The installation and fixing device is for users
to install and fix thermocouple. It is divided into various forms, such as no
fixing device, fixed thread, movable flange and fixed flange.

1.6 Nominal pressure

Generally it refers to the static external pressure that the tube can withstand
without breaking under the working temperature. In fact, it is not only related to
the tube material, diameter, and wall thickness, but also related to the structure,
installation method, insertion depth, and the flow rate and type of the medium to
be measured.

For more non-standard customized products, please consult Shenzhen Testeck Science
and Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Product parameters

Specifications Parameters
TY-S Thermocouple - junction box
Type K
Accuracy class Class 1, 2
Ambient temperature in application Refer to temperature measurement range and
Structure of sensor SingleDouble
Protective tube material 304
Process connection No fixing device, fixed thread, movable flange and fixed
Protection grade IP67
IP67 Stainless Steel Industrial Temperature Sensor K Type Thermocouple
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