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Contact: Linda Lau
Company: Beijing QM Medical Co., Ltd.
Room 409, Floor 4, No.113, Kaifang Road, HuaiRong District, Beijing
Beijing 101102
Phone: 0086-18910016670
Fax: 86 0371-60901328
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IPL SHR System

CE Approve 2024 Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Ipl Laser Depilador Ipl Vascular
Electrolysis Hair Removal Machine Home Use Ipl Machine

QM-120 Different combination from IPL Diode Laser, Nd:YAG Laser, RF,etc.

1. Permanent hair removal for all skin types and all hair colors!
2. Skin rejunvenation
3. Pigments removal
4. Wrinkle removal
5. Acnes removal
6. Vascular Removal

Working Principle:

Intense Pulse Light("IPL") used broad spectrum of white light and with filters to marrow the
spectrum to target specfic chromophores and structures. IPL is a non-invasive skin treatment
that emits powerful bursts of light energy to treat unwanted hair, sun damaged skin, and
wrinkles, etc. without damaging the surface of your skin, IPL systems use flash xenon lamps
to emit micro pulses of light across a broad band of visible wavelengths. IPL work by using
particular wavelengths of light that is called by melanin which colors the hair and brown
skin and black. Since melanin absorbs light to be warm or hot, that the production of cells
called melanocytes and melanin are denatured more produce more melanin. By using gentle
pulses of light momentarily to create heat, IPL can permanently disable hair follicles,
preventing hair follicles` future growth. The melanin in the hair (which gives it its
colour) absorbs the light, which is then converted into heat. This heat is transferred to
the growth cells surrounding the root of the hair, disabling them. By the IPL, pigments are
Shattered and eliminated out of body via metabolism. At the same time,IPL also helps
increase collagen production, which rejuvenates the skin leading to a more youthful,
radiant, bright and few fine wrinkle skin. The light with long wavelength can pass through
epidermis to the hair follicles deep underneath the skin. At the targeted area, IPL occurs
heating to destroy follicles and hair structures leading to permanent hair removal.
It is a revolutionary approach, rather that bombarding your skin with high amounts of
damaging energy. SSR fires multiple shots but at low Joules, in doing so it gently heats the
hair follicle to the heat needed and the most you will feel is warmth and a tingling
sensation, some clients comparing it to a warm massage. SSR also utilizes In-Motion
technology, where the hand piece is always in motion over the skin.

Specialty of QM-120

** Unique and Ergonomic design Handpiece.(2 designs for option)
** 5 filters for different treatment
** Top-level Spare parts adopted, guarantee its golden quality and long-lasting lifetime!

Technical Specification:

Model QM-120 QM-120
Electrical input 110V/230V 110V/230V
Machine Power 2400W 4000W
Spot size IPL 15mm*50mm sSr 15mm*50mm IPL 15mm*50mm E-light 15mm*50mm
Max Energy 60J 26J 60J
Pulse Number 6 10 6
Wavelength 430/530/580/640/750nm 650-950nm 430/530/580/640/750nm
Laser power 1600W 3000W
Capacitor 450V12000uF*3 450V12000uF*3
Water fifter Replaceable Replaceable
Cooling System Air + Water + Wind + TEC semiconductor + Sapphire sking contact cooling
Machine Size 44*41*120cm

Minimum Order: 1 sets

IPL SHR System
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