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Irrigation valves are an necessary component in irrigation systems. There are
many types of commercial irrigation valves, such as the inline irrigation
valve, auto sprinkler valve and automatic irrigation valves which can regulate
the direction of water flow and control switches, function as a perfect
pipeline, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the entire farm
irrigation system. It is also easy to observe the various types of meters.
Therefore, the automatic watering irrigation valve can help managers to control
the entire irrigation system in more detail and accurately, which is a safety
component in water-saving irrigation equipment.

Automatic Irrigation Waterring Valves
Irrigation Ball Valve
Ball valve is a type of valve used to open and close pipes in the irrigation
system valve . Ball valves are characterized by simple and reliable structure,
small size, light weight and low cost.

Hydraulic Control Valve
As an irrigation valve, the safety valve is actually similar to the pressure
reducing valve.

Irrigation Pressure Reducing Valve
The pressure reducing valve is a hydraulic control pressure reducing valve.

Irrigation Air & Vacuum Relief Valve
Air valve, also known as intake valve or exhaust valve, is mainly used to
regulate the amount of air in the pipeline. Air will inevitably enter the
pipeline in the agricultural irrigation system.

Application of Irrigation Valve
Agricultural Irrigation System
Yard Irrigation System
Plant Irrigation System
Lawn Sprinkler System

As one of the irrigation system manufacturers, Seapeak focuses on the
production of various accessories for irrigation systems, such as the
irrigation control valve, and we can also provide you with the irrigation
system solutions you need.

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