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JC040 Vortex Natural Gas Flow Meter

JC-040 series smart precession whirlpool flowmeter uses new microprocessing
techn ology with strong function, wide flow range, simple maintenance and co
nvenient installation & use. It is widely used in industries such as petrol,
chemical, power, metallurgy and coal, etc.
BCST Natural Gas Flow Meter Feature 
1. Built-in pressure, temperature and flow sensors with high safety, compact
structure and exquisite shape.
2. Local indication of temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow and
accumulative flow.
3. Use new signal processing amplifier and unique filtration technology,
effectively eliminate interfering signal generated by pressure fluctuation and
pipeline vibration, greatly improve anti-interference ability of flowmeter, and
make good stability of little flow.
4. Special time indication and real-time data storage function; under no
circumstance will the internal data be missing and will be stored forever.
5. Password protection
6. Low power consumption, internal battery supply, no need for external power
If you want to know more about this product, you can click the link below , ortex-nature-gas-flow-meter.html
1. Specificat , ion, basic data and performance
Model Nominal Diameter
DN(mm) Flow Range (m3/h) Instrument Factor
(1/m3) Pressure Rating (MPa) Accuracy Remarks
JC-040-25 25 2.5 - 30 240000  
1.6; 2.5; 4.0  
1.5 Aluminum alloy housing for  PN≤1.6MPa; cast steel or SS housing for
PN≤4.0MPa; please specify for PN>4.0MPa
JC-040-32 32 4.5 - 60 90000
JC-040-50 50 10 - 150 24000
JC-040-80 80 28 - 400 4800
JC-040-100 100 50 - 800 2800
JC-040-150 150 150-2250 680
JC-040-200 200 360-3600 210

1. Flow ranges listed in the table are those tested in the factory (Normal
temperature, normal pressure, air medium, ρ = 1.205 kg/m3)
 2 .Flow range will be enlarged along with the enlargement of pressure
 Standard Conditions: P = 101.325kPa, T = 293.15K
3. BCST Vortex Natural Gas Flow Meter Use Conditions
Ambient temperature: -30 ~ +60℃
Medium temperature: -20 ~ +80℃
Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95%
Atmospheric Pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
4. Electric Performance
Working Power: external power: +24VDC
 Internal power: 3.6V lithium battery
Power Consumption: external power, < 1W
Internal power, <0.3m W, two-year service life for Lithium battery
Output: frequency signal
4-20mA current signal: corresponding flow 0~Qmax, corresponding flow of 20mA
can be set by user.
RS485 Communication: can transmit temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow and
accumulative flow.
5. Explosion Proof: Exd II CT6
6. Enclosure: IP65
1. When ordering, proper specification should be selected according to nominal
diameter, flow range, nominal pressure, max pressure, temperature and ambient
conditions. Explosion proof type must be selected for hazardous locations.
2. Generally the flowmeter is basic type, if you require pulse output or RS485
communication please specify when ordering.
3. Assorted product: can go with JCPR-7600 Flow  totalizer, via RS485
interface to realize off-site indication (distance no more than 100m)
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JC040 Vortex Natural Gas Flow Meter
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