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Contact: Lucia Lee
Company: A&S Machinery Co.,Ltd.
239 Yongkang Road,Wuhou District,Chengdu
Sichuan 610045
Phone: 86-28-87491615
Fax: 86-28-87491615
E-Mail: Send Inquiry
Date/Time:  5/17/22 2:49 GMT

Komatsu Dozer Blade/Cutting Edge

A&S Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies the following Komatsu Dozer Blade/Cutting
for Komatsu bulldozers.

Dozer 10A-71-11190 Dozer 10A-71-11190
Dozer 101-71-12370 Dozer 101-71-12370
Dozer 101-71-11190 Dozer 101-71-11190
Dozer 101-71-11220 Dozer 101-71-11220
Dozer 104-Z40-1160 Dozer 104-Z40-1160
Dozer 12F-929-2170 Dozer 12F-929-2170
Dozer 104-72-21140MT Dozer 104-72-21140
Dozer 12F-929-2170MT Dozer 10G-72-21260
Dozer 10G-72-21260MT Dozer 10G-72-21270
Dozer 10G-72-21270MT Dozer 10G-Z46-1120
Dozer 10G-Z46-1120MT Dozer 112-70-31110
Dozer 104-72-21140 Dozer 112-70-31130
Dozer 112-70-31110MT Dozer 112-70-31120
Dozer 112-70-31130MT Dozer 12F-70-31261
Dozer 112-70-31120MT Dozer 12F-70-31281
Dozer 12F-70-31261MT Dozer 11G-71-31170
Dozer 12F-70-31281MT Dozer 114-72-21140
Dozer 11G-71-31170MT Dozer 112-946-1510
Dozer 114-72-21140MT Dozer 112-946-1510RHHD
Dozer 112-946-1510MT Dozer 112-946-1510LHHD
Dozer 112-946-1510RHHDMT Dozer 12F-70-31251
Dozer 112-946-1510LHHDMT Dozer 120-Y46-5172
Dozer 12F-70-31251MT Dozer 120-Y46-5162
Dozer 120-Y46-5172MT Dozer 124-70-11640
Dozer 120-Y46-5162MT Dozer 11G-71-21170
Dozer 124-70-11640 Dozer 620563C1
Dozer 11G-71-21170 Dozer 1267329H1
Dozer 620563C1MT Dozer 11G-71-31170RHHD
Dozer 1267329H1MT Dozer 11G-71-31170LHHD
Dozer 11G-71-31170RHHDMT Dozer 1282468H1
Dozer 11G-71-31170LHHDMT Dozer 1283143H1
Dozer 1282468H1MT Dozer 12F-70-11640
Dozer 1283143H1MT Dozer 124-920-1280
Dozer 12F-70-11640MT Dozer 130-817-1121RF
Dozer 124-920-1280 Dozer 130-817-1131RF
Dozer 130-817-1121RF Dozer 130-817-1121
Dozer 130-817-1131RF Dozer 130-817-1131
Dozer 130-817-1121 Dozer 124-70-21340
Dozer 130-817-1131 Dozer 124-70-21330
Dozer 124-70-21340 Dozer 120-70-31411
Dozer 124-70-21330 Dozer 140-70-11720
Dozer 120-70-31411MT Dozer 13F-A70-1570
Dozer 140-70-11720MT Dozer 13F-A70-1580
Dozer 13F-A70-1570 Dozer 12F-929-2650
Dozer 13F-A70-1580 Dozer 12F-B71-3241
Dozer 12F-929-2650 Dozer 12F-B71-3231
Dozer 12F-B71-3241 Dozer 130-Z20-1510
Dozer 12F-B71-3231 Dozer 144-70-11190
Dozer 130-Z20-1510MT Dozer 144-70-11180
Dozer 144-70-11190MT Dozer 13F-Z27-A582
Dozer 144-70-11180MT Dozer 13F-Z27-A572
Dozer 13F-Z27-A582MT Dozer 124-70-21180RF
Dozer 13F-Z27-A572MT Dozer 124-70-21170RF
Dozer 124-70-21180RF Dozer 124-70-21180
Dozer 124-70-21170RF Dozer 124-70-21170
Dozer 124-70-21180MT Dozer 124-Z46-1160
Dozer 124-70-21170MT Dozer 140-70-11180
Dozer 124-Z46-1160MT Dozer 140-70-11170

Besides Komatsu Dozer Blade/Cutting Edge, A&S Machinery also provide
tooth/tooth tip/tooth point, tooth pin, tooth adapter/tooth holder, wear
lip shrouds, heel shrouds, kwiklok liners, end bits for for CAT, Komatsu,
Hitachi, Volvo, Liebherr, Terex/O&K, SANY, Zoomlion, TZ, P&H excavators,
loaders, bulldozer & motor grader rippers and electric shovels.

If any interest in bucket tooth/tooth tip/tooth points, tooth lock pins,
adapters, ripper tooth shanks, side cutters/wing shrouds, wear caps, lip
shrouds, heel shrouds, kwiklok liners and adapters, blades/cutting edges and
end bits, please inquire for more details.

Any interest or inquiry, please feel free to contact:
A&S Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tel: 0086 28 -6213 6109 Fax: 0086 28 8612 9221
Skype: cdesmachinery
es-buckets(dot)com asbucketsteeth(dot)com
469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China

Minimum Order: 100 pieces

Komatsu Dozer Blade/Cutting Edge
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