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Lashing & Lifting & Rigging

As a lashing & rigging & lifting equipment company , we have a wide range of
solutions of lifting products, rigging products and lashing materials for easy
but safe lashing of most cargoes. Thanks to our in-house development and
manufacturing resources, we are also able to develop custom solutions to
special requirements for different types of lifting equipment. The
manufacturing in our weaving mill is subject to constant inspection, e.g.
strength testing.

WAC, one of professional lifting equipment suppliers, is a worldwide anchor
chain manufacturer for ro-ro lifting and lashing materials. As a lifting
equipment supplier, we provide a full range of cargo lashing and lifting
material and various cheap lifting equipments with high-quality.

Our technical department takes care of all kinds of cargo handling, lifting,
and secure designs. They cannot only advise you on the safe use and correct
application of our lifting products, but they are also experienced in the
structural design for purpose-built cargo securing material and cargo handling

As one of lashing & lifting equipment manufacturers , we have more than 10
years experience of producing lashing & lifting equipment, we have now extended
our Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) Classic Grade 8 range with both lashing chain and
tensioner such as 13mm grade 80 chain.

The HDG lifting components are also designed to meet the specific challenges
from corrosive environments in which they will have a longer life. They require
less maintenance than standard products, which means that the HDG products are
more cost-effective in the long run.

With the lifting equipment supplies of new chain and master links, WAC, one of
professional lashing & lifting equipment companies, now can offer complete
lashing and lifting chains for the harshest environments, like alloy steel

Types of Lashing & Lifting & Rigging Equipment

Features of Lashing & Lifting & Rigging Products & Accessories

A Longer Life Spa

The HDG coating of lifting equipment types prolongs the lifetime for equipment
in corrosive environments significantly. Not just in coastal and maritime areas
but also in industrial plants and buildings with high humidity.

Easy Inspections and Lower Maintenance Costs
Easy Inspections and Lower Maintenance Costs

The HDG lifting components produced by our lifting equipment factory, are
easily visually inspected if the coating appears sound and continuous, then it
is simple and quick means to improve productivity.

Protective Coating with High Impact and Wear Resistance
Protective Coating with High Impact and Wear Resistance

The HDG or coating of lifting products forms a flexible metallurgical bond with
the steel, which gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage during
transport and service. The coating for chain and rigging, also provides
automatic protection to small areas of exposed steel, which means that minor
damages need no touch-up.

We Are a Provider of Peace of Mind
We Are a Provider of Peace of Mind

Production and galvanizing or painting of products that are sensitive to
hydrogen embrittlement require in-depth material-and process knowledge. Each
element within the manufacturing process is stringently controlled with our in-
house quality systems; this also applies to our galvanizing and heat-treating
procedures which are critical factors in the product performance. As a
responsible lifting equipment manufacturer, we have exact demands for products
being manufactured to and take preventive actions to avoid hydrogen
embrittlement in the material.

WAC is a professional anchor chain manufacturer, we provide cheap lifting
equipment, buoy chain and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

Lashing & Lifting & Rigging
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