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Date/Time:  10/14/21 9:03 GMT

LC-HMD-AB Series Clean System Purification Device

1. Product introduction
    The scheme combines automatic backwashing and vacuum technology and
adopts high and new technologies and advanced processes such as coagulation,
adsorption, vacuum separation and pressure filtration, which is obviously
ahead of the traditional plate and frame pressure oil filter and the
conventional vacuum oil filter. It is suitable for oil purification
treatment of serious water inflow or corrosion emulsification. It can
effectively remove water, acid, soap, metal particles and other impurities
from the oil.
2.Device use
It is widely used in power plants, power stations, power companies,
substation projects, factories, mines, railways, etc. to treat, dry and
vacuum oil injection of unqualified insulating oils such as transformers,
transformers, oil switches and capacitors.
3.Device features
The device applies two-stage vacuum purification technology, which can super
quickly purify water, gas and impurity particles in oil.
It has the advantages of high efficiency degassing, dehydration and
filtering free carbon and mechanical impurities in the oil, so that the pH
value, acid value, dielectric loss and oxide can meet the standards. The
energy consumption, volume, weight, noise and maintenance cost of this
series of products are far lower than those of traditional products, while
the dehydration and degassing efficiency and performance are higher than
those of domestic products.
The apparatus can be automatically input into the heating power system
using thin film evaporation and spray drying two unit processes, which can
automatically put the heating power system to make the machine have
efficient degree of dehydration. The automatic compensation liquid level
regulator can automatically adjust the balance of oil in and out, so that
the oil level of the vacuum tank can be accurately controlled at the set
position. The multi-stage high-precision filtering system is adopted to
effectively ensure the filtering accuracy of oil quality and improve the
Precision multi-level filter can effectively remove various impurities,
provide degree of gradual encryption and large amounts of residual and have
long service life.
Advanced infrared liquid level automatic control system, sound and light
alarm system and pressure protection device can ensure safe and stable
Turbine oil and low viscosity lubricating oil can be processed online.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

LC-HMD-AB Series Clean System Purification Device
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