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On the basis of retaining the shape of the lead-acid battery, lead acid
replacement battery applies the high-safety lithium iron phosphate cell to
ensure high energy density, wide temperature range and multi-capacity
selection, at the level of 12V, 24V, which is extremely convenient to replace
the lead-acid battery, high cold-start current, with battery be started at even
20% of the residual capacity.

Because lithium ion features higher energy density, voltage capacity and lower
self-discharge rate, using Lithium Ion battery replacement for lead acid is
becoming a more and more popular choice, and it has been a trend to replace
lead acid battery with lithium ion. Kijo provides high quality lithium ion
battery replacement for lead acid at Competitive Price, feel free to contact!

Lead Acid Battery Replacement for Sale
12.8V Lithium ion Battery
24V Lithium ion Battery

Founded in 1993, KIJO battery Group is a professional storage battery
suppliers, we provide Energy Storage Battery, Reserve Power Battery, Motive
Power Battery, Lithium Battery, lead acid battery acid replacement, flooded
lead acid battery charging, flooded lead acid battery life, flooded lead acid
battery maintenance, flooded vs sealed lead acid battery, lead carbon battery
charging, power storage battery and etc. Want to know about flooded lead acid
battery definition? Please contact us.
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