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Contact: Aaron White
Company: Trade INTL
1910 Pacific Ave
Dallas 75201
United States
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Date/Time:  3/28/23 17:06 GMT

LNG- Liquefied Natural Gas

Hello, I am looking to import 100,000 metric tons of Liquefied Natural Gas
every month on a 12 month contract.

Gross Heating Value (GCV) range: 9,340-10,420 Kcal/SCM (1,050-1,170 BTU/SCF)
Methane: not less than 85.0 Mol%
Ethane: not more than 9.2 Mol %
Propane: not more than 3.00 Mol %
Butanes and heavier: not more than 2.00 Mol %
Pentanes and heavier: not more than 0.25 Mol %
Nitrogen: 1.0 molecular%
Total Sulphur: 10.0 ppm (w)
Sulphur in form of Hydrogen Sulphide: 10.0 ppm (w)
Maximum variation in Wobbe Index (WI): [WI LHV (Volumetric Basis/ (Specific
Gravity w.rt. Air)0.5] : +/-5.0%

Contaminants (a)
Metals Trace
i. Pb + Zn: 0.50 ppm (w)
ii Na + K: 0.30 ppm (w)
iii. Vanadium: 0.50 ppm (w)
iv. Calcium: 2.0 ppm (w)
v. Magnesium: 2.0 ppm (w)
vi. Sum of heavy metals (Hg+V+Pb+Zn+Ni+Others): 1.0 ppm (w)

(b) Solids / Particulates
i.Total for particle size up to 10 micron
ii.For 2 micron < d < 10 micron: 20.0 ppm (w)
iii.For particle size grater than 10: 1.50 ppm (w) 0.30 ppm (w)

(c) Liquid contents
(d) Moisture: 112 kg/million SCM
Hydrogen content: 1.00% (by volume)
Acetylene (C2H2): 0.10% (by volume)
Higher Hydrocarbons for n>3: 10.0% (by volume)
Inspection: SGS or Intertek
I need the LNG delivered to Korea Cheon & Tong Young Port on a CIF basis
Payment Terms: SBLC/DLC & Wire Transfer MT 103

aarontradeintl (AT) G MAIL (DOT) com
Whatsapp +1 210 999 1212
LNG- Liquefied Natural Gas
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