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LOCMEDT® LOC-200 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Reagent Discs

Blood Gas And Chemistry Analyzer Suppliers

LOC-200 analyzer reagent disc a 8 cm diameters rotor with 30 cuvettes. The
diluent and lyophilized reagent beads are pre-installed into the disc. Built-in
QR code is on the center of disc containing the batch number, expiration
date and calibration information. 

All blood separation and sample diluent mixing is performed within the disc
itself. LOC-200 biochemistry reagent panels can deliver up to 18 parameters
test result within 12 minutes.

Features of LOCMEDT® LOC-200 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Reagent Discs
a.Multi-Parameter Combination
8 different panels with 35 parameters.

b.Patented Technology
Built-in lyophilized reagent beads and diluent in panels.

c.Single Use
One Panel Used for Single Run of Sample.

d.No Cross Contamination
Individual channel design in panel to avoid contamination.

e.Pre-installed QR Code
QR Code contains the disc identification code, lot ,expiry date and calibration

f.Longer Shelf Life
Unique lypholization process,one and half year shelf life under refrigeration
at 2~8℃
LOCMEDT® LOC-200 Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Reagent Discs
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