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1.3243 Steel Forging Technology
The alloy element content of M35 steel is more than 22%. It is higher than M2
steel about 30%. It’s forging is difficult. You need to pay attention to it as
the same as M42 steel forging. First of all, preheat it fully, the heat
temperature is 1120℃ – 1150℃. And the temperature of the beginning is 1000℃
– 1050℃, the ending of it is must higher than 899℃. After forging, it should
cold slowly and annealing on time to prevent cracking.

M35 Steel Annealing Process
If you case it up for the annealing after the forging, you will get a better
result. If you can not do that, just make it cold to the indoor temperature
then make it in. About the annealing process, just put it in the stove with the
temperature which is lower than 500℃. Then heat to 840-860℃, keep the
temperature for four to five hours. Furnace cooling to 500℃ below than out of
it. Cooling slowly in the annealing furnace. After the annealing, its hardness
is lower than 255HB.
In order to prevent oxidative decarburization happen, the annealing should be
careful. And there is an easy way can do that. Just put some wood dust to the
annealing furnace.

Notice for Quenching and Tempering
Preheat two times: 600℃, 860℃. And the time of preheating is twice the time
of heating.
The request of quenching is 10-12s/mm.
Needs the step hardening: 600℃→260-280℃→air cooling.
The temperature of secondary hardening is 535-540℃ around. The hardness is
bigger than 68HRC for after tempering. But the factories do not want the
hardness of cutting tool is more than 68HRC due to the request for production.
So it always is been tempering.
As we can see from the table, the best temperature for quenching is in the
range of 1215-1225℃. In this condition, it is suitable for annual cutting
tools. Its hardness is about 67-67.5HRC. It satisfies the needs of high speed
steel high speed steel for high strength, high hardness and high wear

M35 steel that been quenching at the temperature below 1190℃ is good material
for cold work die and low-speed cutting tools. And if it been quenching at the
temperature higher than 1230℃ which will have a great red hardness. It will be
a good choice for turning tools and etc. Quenching it in that way will cause
overheating. But it is not a trouble, the key is to control it in the right
way. Some cutting tools are overheating to be more useful.

In China, we have been focusing on the steel industry for decades, as a
professional supplier, a powerful steel factory, advanced technology, high-
quality steel, we have our own cutting and processing facilities. Specific
specifications can be customized and customized according to your needs.
Provide reliable M35 high speed steel products as well as other high speed
steels high speed steels, please contact us for any needs of high speed steel
M35 steel.

Minimum Order: 1 tons

M35 quote  M35 quote Supply Range  ASTM SAE AISI M35 quote factory
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