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Marine Anchor

Anchor is the main part of the anchoring equipment, its an iron ship-stopping
device, which is connected to the ship with an iron chain. It can stabilize the
hull when throw the anchor on the bottom of the water or on the shore.

Anchors can be divided into two categories including rod anchors and rodless
anchors, most of which have been standardized. Anchors can be divided into two
types according to whether the pawls are rotated or not. Standard rod anchors
include naval anchors, martens high-holding anchors, two-claw anchors, single-
claw anchors, speedboat anchors and plow anchors. Standard rodless anchor
include Hall anchors, Speck anchors, four-claw anchors, rodless anchors and
choll anchors. Among them, there are two-grab anchors, single-claw anchors and
plow anchors that belong to fixed anchors.

The plough anchor is a single-claw rod anchor with a fixed anchor claw, its
short horizontal rod is located in the upper of the anchor shank. It is welded
by steel pipe and sheet which commonly used in inland rivers, small barges and
other general mooring. The structure of the plough anchor are shown below.

Types of Marine Anchor

AC-14 Anchor

Plough Anchor

Hall Anchor

What Is a Plow Style Anchor?

The marine boat anchors resembles a farmer's plow, its a thick shank connect a
curve part and triangle bottom. It achieve great in sand, grit, stones, and
coral, but not so well in soft mud or clay, where their smaller surface area
may not provide adequate resistance.

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Minimum Order: 1 sets

Marine Anchor
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