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Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine

If you need hot forging for large workpieces, smelting for ferrous or non-
ferrous metals or deep heat treatment, the MFS series of intermediate frequency
induction heating equipment is your most correct choice.

Advantages of Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine

The induction heating speed is fast and the temperature uniform is good. The
MFS series induction heating power supply can design the operating frequency
according to the actual needs of customers. The workpiece is non-contact
heating. The metal workpiece heats itself through the alternating eddy current,
which has high efficiency and a good temperature uniform effect.

The induction heating energy efficiency is high. As a mature medium frequency
induction heating series, the MFS series adopts IGBT and adjusts the power by
adjusting the wave, and uses high-quality copper material as the main circuit
base layer, which can effectively reduce the loss of the components and the
circuit itself.

The design of this medium frequency induction heating machine can also allow
customers to directly set the working status (power, working mode, etc.) of the
heating equipment through the touch screen. At the same time, customers can
also accept external PLC control through RS485 or reserved external signal I/O

Standard MFS can be applied to wide voltage fluctuation (*360V~440V), and non-
standard voltage power supply can also be customized according to the actual
situation of customers.

This medium frequency induction furnace is also equipped with a condition
monitoring system(CMS) and a built-in condition detection system just like any
other induction heating system launched by JKZ. Through the single-chip
microcomputer, this medium frequencty induction heating series can effectively
monitor the temperature, current, voltage, water flow, etc. of the main
components of the equipment. Problems like overvoltage, undervoltage,
overtemperature, water shortage, phase failure, and overcurrent can be easily

With different output modules, MFS series induction heating power supplies can
complete induction forging, induction quenching, and non-ferrous metal
induction smelting.

JKZ is a professional induction heating machine manufacturer, we provide
induction heating machine china, induction heating power supply, induction
heater for melting gold and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

Minimum Order: 1 bags

Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine
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