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Contact: Jimmy Lin
Company: ZhongCheng WELDED MESH CO.
21 Xincheng Street, Dezhou, China
Dezhou 253000
Phone: +865342328351
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Date/Time:  5/18/23 2:32 GMT

Mesh Gabion Baskets, Mattress and Boxes

ollapsible gabions can be fabricated from woven wire mesh hexagonal netting or
HDG welded mesh sheets. Wire mesh gabions finishes can be hot-dipped
galvanized, galvanized aluminum alloy Galfan or PVC coated coating. This metal
mesh containers are supplied in a range of wire and mesh sizes, uniformly
partitioned into internal cells, filled with stone at the project to form
flexible, permeable, monolithic structures. Gabions or stone containers are
widely used as retaining walls, sea wall, channel linings, revetments, and
weirs for river bank protection erosion control projects.

Welded Mesh Gabions
Gabions made of welded wire fabrics offer much strength compared with woven
mesh gabions.
Materials: Galvanized steel with zinc coating (cold drawn high tensile steel
zinc coated);
Plastic coated steel;
Galfan of zinc aluminum alloy.

Popular Material Type: Galfan Gabbions.
Galfan gabion gets its name from its wire material: a kind of heavy Galfan
(zinc-5% aluminum alloy) soft tempered steel . Compared with traditional
galvanized steel gabions with pure zinc coating, Galfan gabion features a heavy
zinc – aluminum coating layer which enables an excellent corrosion resistance.
The corrosion resistance of Galfan gabion doubles that of traditional pure zinc

The steel wire used in the manufacturing of the gabion is heavily galfan( [Zn-5
Al-MM] alloy) coated soft temper steel. A PVC coating is then applied to
provide additional protection for use in polluted, contaminated or aggressive
environments: in salt, fresh water, acid soil or wherever the risk of corrosion
is present. The PVC coating has a nominal thickness of 0.50 mm to 1.00mm.
Galfan plus PVC coating gabions, simplified as Galfan gabions, are strong and
durable for long term uses.
Mesh Gabion Baskets, Mattress and Boxes
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