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Date/Time:  1/6/22 7:59 GMT

micro fog machine garden mist sprayer disinfection fogger

Blue Ocean's newly launched spray system has multiple functions such as
moisturizing and moisturizing, lowering temperature, preventing static
electricity, and removing odors. You can enjoy the different functions of
multiple machines at the price of buying Blue Ocean machines.
1. Automatic pressure relief valve.
2. Stop working automatically when lack of water.
3. Fog can be sprayed with different frequencies controlled by the timer.
4. Adjust the pressure controller to change the flow and pressure of the
5. AC220v motor, safe, quiet and durable.
mist ring fog cannon APPLICATIONS:
A. Humidification, cooling and noise reduction
1. Store entrance and scenic area;
2. Various exhibitions and expositions;
3. Beach, swimming pool, club;
4. Outdoor square, playground, outdoor coffee, beer bar: humidification,
cooling, mosquito control
B. Sterilization, dust removal, mosquito and fly removal
1. Deodorization, disinfection and cooling of animal husbandry such as
chicken farm and cattle farm
2. The dumping area kill viruses, bacteria and peculiar smell;
3. Mosquito and fly control in open public places;
4. Deodorization of public toilets;
5. Kill viruses and bacteria in epidemic areas;
C.Industrial dust removal
1. Mining, explosion-proof and dust removal;
2. Textile industry: wetting and static elimination
3. Mining area and painting area: cooling, dedusting and electrostatic
D. Beautify and eliminate haze
1. Rockery, lake, bridge scenic spot;
2. Villas, townhouses and other high-end houses;
3. Agritainment, shopping center and other decoration places;
4.Park, restaurant: landscape, cooling, mosquito control
E. Greenhouse, farm, garden irrigation, planting, spraying
1. Precious flowers, plants and trees;
2. Mushrooms and seedlings;
3.Greenhouses, orchards and nurseries; wine cellars: cooling and wetting
micro fog machine garden mist sprayer disinfection fogger
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