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Micro-module cabinet IT room

Micro-module cabinet IT room Data Center manufacturer modular data center

Product Standard:
Micro-module cabinet IT room Conformed to ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2,
DIN41491; PART1, DIN41494; PART7, GB/T3047.2-92 Standard, compatible with
19inch international standard, metric standard and ETSI standard.

Main Materials:
All made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, Angle gauge 2.0mm, frame
1.5mm, other 1.2mm, 464 double insulating glass.

Product Features:
1. The surface adopts degreasing, ceramic, electrostatic spraying process, in
line with the European ROHS environmental protection standard;
2. Adopt transparent tempered glass design, easy to view the inside of the
cabinet from the outside;
3. Hollow glass door design is adopted to ensure that the glass door does not
form condensation water during the operation of the server;
4. The integrated cabinet adopts a 10-inch monitoring screen with good man-
machine interface and touch control performance, which can monitor the internal
environment of the integrated cabinet, such as electricity, temperature and
humidity, smoke, video, water leakage, etc.

Jiancheng Data Center Characteristics
------------ , --
1. Standardization scheme, engineering design;
2. The factory is fully prefabricated, the site only needs to carry out a
simple cabinet processing, the fastest implementation of the same day business
3. No professional machine room, low requirements for site environment;
4. Single cabinet covers an area of only 0.72m², the top can be integrated with
the function of wiring groove, no need to make another bridge.
1. The key components can be designed with N, N+1 or 2N as needed to meet the
high reliability requirements of customers;
2. There is no single point fault design for emergency heat dissipation. When
the temperature in the module exceeds the set value, the exhaust module will be
automatically opened.
3. Camera automatic capture function to ensure safe operation of equipment;
4. Fully closed operation, dustproof and noise reduction, less environmental
5. Extinguishing system can be selected to ensure the safety of equipment more
------------------------ , -----High Efficiency---
1. Closed cold and hot channel isolation design, avoid gas mixed flow, greatly
improve the return air temperature, improve refrigeration efficiency, reduce
2. Rack type air conditioning, internal refrigeration in the module, to avoid
ineffective refrigeration;
3. Proximal cooling reduces air supply loss;
4. The rack type air conditioner adopts DC frequency conversion compressor and
stepless speed regulating EC fan, which can run efficiently under partial load
and prevent condensation from occurring at the same time;
5. Optional high-frequency rack UPS or rack modular UPS, efficient operation.
------------------------------ , -Intelligent-----
1. 10-inch large screen display, friendly interface, easy to achieve local
management of each functional module;
2. B/S or C/S structure, support Web interface to browse real-time and
historical information, optional mobile APP function;
3. All-around alarm information interface is presented, which can support SMS
sending, and the abnormal situation of the equipment can be mastered at any
4. Precise energy efficiency management, PUE real-time display, clear
electricity consumption;
5. Unified monitoring, remote access and centralized operation and maintenance
management can be selected for multi-point network;
6. Server cloud operation and maintenance management platform, which can
provide a full range of services 7×24 hours.
Jiancheng is a data center manufacturer, which can customize the parameters and
models of idc micro module. We also provide OEM and ODM full set of outdoor
data cabinet solutions. , uct-micro-module-cabinet-it-room.html
Micro-module cabinet IT room
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